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    Best of Gallipoli (Anzac + Helles) & Troy Tour


    2 Days 1 Night from Istanbul


    Tour Type: Regular Tour
    Duration: 2 Days 1 Night
    Language: Guided in English
    Highlights: Ancient City of Troy, Gallipoli South (Helles) Sector, Gallipoli North (ANZAC) Sector

    Troy ancient city and Gallipoli Battlefield Tours are the two  most popular touristical destinations of the area but however the guests has been offered with one of these tours, Troy or Gallipoli. By organising this package we firstly plan to take you to troy where the first big battle of Dardanelles took place and then the next day to Gallipoli where the last big battle of the Dardanelles took place.

    Most of the travel agencies organizing tours to Gallipoli organize half day tours only enough to visit/see the Anzac sector but we plan to complete your pilgrimage by showing both north(Anzac) and south(Helles) sectors. The south sector also known as "Cape Helles region" is where mostly British, French, Turkish and also some Anzac soldiers fought. Although the south Sector not much famous, most of the casualties during the Gallipoli Campaign occured here. At the south sector, besides the British, French &  Turkish graves you can also visit those of the forgotten Anzac Heroes. So our aim with organizing this tour is to show equal respect to all soldiers lost their lives during the 1915 Gallipoli Campaign.


    06:00 - 06:30 Pick up from hotel in Taksim, Besiktas, Beyoglu, Sisli, Ortakoy, Bebek
    06:30 - 07:00 Pick up from hotel in Sultanahmet, Beyazid, Sirkeci, Laleli, Aksaray
    07:15 Pick up from hotel in Ataturk Airport Area
    08:30 Have a stop for open buffet breakfast
    12:00 Arrive in Eceabat and have lunch
    12:45 Depart for Troy Tour


    On tour you will visit and hear about:

    • The Trojan Horse which was used in the movie Troy
    • The Trojan Horse (Did it really exist ?)
    • Helen of Troy (Was she the real cause of the war ?)
    • The Trojan Wars
    • Battle between Achilles an Hector
    • The 3200 years old city walls of Troy VI and VII
    • The East gate of VI (VIP entrance of Troy VI)
    • The Temple of Athena
    • Walls of Troy II and Megaron House
    • Walls of Troy I (The oldest ruins of Troy)
    • The trench of Schliemann
    • The ramp of Troy II
    • The Scaean Gate
    • The Gate of Troy VI (Where possibly the tricky wooden horse was taken)
    • Sanctuary (Sacrificing Altars)
    • Roman Bath
    • Odeon (Music theatre)
    • South gate of Troy VI
    • Bouleuterion
    • Ruins of agora (Market place)

    17.00 End of the tour. Check in one of our hotels

    Day 2 - Full Day Gallipoli Tour

    07.30 Breakfast (Views Dardanelles)
    08.30 Depart for HELLES Sector tour

    • Fort Kilitbahir at the Narrows(the narrowest point of the Dardanelles)
    • Turkish cannon batteries
    • Turkish Martyrs Memorial
    • Morto Bay (S Beach)
    • French Memorial & Cemetery
    • V Beach Cemetery
    • Cape Helles Memorial
    • Lancashire Landing Cemetery
    • Twelve Tree Copse Cemetery
    • Gallipoli Epic Simulation Centre

    12.00 Arrive in Eceabat and have lunch
    12.45 Depart for ANZAC Sector Tour


    On tour you will visit and hear about:

    • Eceabat  ( maydos )
    • Camburnu Fort
    • Agadere Martyrs Cemetery
    • Degirmen Burnu Tabyasi
    •  “Stop Wayfarer” (Memorial on the hillslope behind Kilitbahir village – Dur Yolcu)
    • Fort Kilitbahir ( Namazgah Fort, Hamidiye Fort, Mecidiye Fort)
    • Mecidiye Martyrs Cemetery
    • Corporal Seyit, Kilya Base, Maltepe
    • Kabatepe
    • Brighton Beach (southern part of z beach)
    • Beach Cemetery (the grave of John Simpson)
    • ANZAC Cove
    • Ariburnu Cemetery
    • ANZAC Commemorative Site
    • Fishermans hut ( the northern part of Z beach)
    • Respect to Mehmetcik Memorial
    • Lone Pine Memorial
    • Johnston's Jolly (Turkish and ANZAC trenches and tunnels)
    • Quinn’s Post
    • Turkish 57. Infantry Regiment Memorial
    • Sergeant Mehmet Turkish Memorial
    • The Nek
    • Baby 700
    • Chunuk Bair New Zealand Memorial

    17.30 End of the tour
    18.00 Depart for Istanbul
    20.30 Have a stop for personal needs
    23.00 Drop-off at hotels in Istanbul


    This package includes:

    • All Transportation in A/C 'NON - SMOKING' coach
    • Professional English speaking guiding
    • 2 breakfast
    • 2 restaurant lunches
    • Full Day Gallipoli tour
    • Troy tour
    • Entrance fees
    • 1 night ACC (HB - Dinner [Choices of Meat Balls - Fish or Chicken])


    This package excludes:

    • Drinks ( During the lunch )
    • Dinner ( during return trip to Istanbul a break for dinner  - on own – is given en-route )




    More information & Reservation: info@rsltours.com



    Andrea Watson

    I visited Istanbul and Gallipoli in early August, with the specific intention of being at Suvla Bay, Gallipoli on the 12th August 2015, exactly 100 years to the day after a relative on my mother’s, mother’s side, was killed in that area. Charles Bray was in the Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding Regiment) Y Company 8th Battalion, which formed part of the 32nd Infantry Brigade that landed at Lala Baba, Suvla Bay on the night of the 6th August 1915.

    I arranged the return flights from London to Istanbul, but RSL Tours arranged everything else for me, i.e. the airport transfers, hotel for the two periods I was in Istanbul, and the three-day Eceabat-based Gallipoli Tour which started and finished in Istanbul.

    In Gallipoli, I stayed two nights at the Grand Eceabat Hotel, in a room that overlooked the ferry and had views across the Dardanelles to the Asian side. The hotel had a top floor restaurant that had even more magnificent views over the Dardanelles. The food was fine and the hotel staff were friendly.

    The afternoon on the first day of the Gallipoli Tour was taken up by an interesting coach trip to the ancient site of Troy on the Asian side, via the ferry to Çanakkale.

    The second day started with a visit to the Cape Helles area, which has both Turkish and British memorials to the fallen. At the British memorial, I quickly found the name of my fallen relative, listed along with the other approximately 21,000 Allies whose whereabouts remain unknown.

    There was also a visit to the relatively new Gallipoli Kabatepe Museum which cost $80 million dollars and has 11 gallery rooms, each equipped with advanced high-tech simulation equipment. The story of the 1915 Gallipoli naval and land campaigns is told from both Turkish and ANZAC points of view. The technology allows visitors to choose their presentation language and interact with the display.

    In the afternoon, there was a visit to the Anzac Cove area, including the Beach, Lone Pine, and Chunuk Bair Cemeteries, and to the trenches at Johnston’s Jolly.

    On the morning of the third day, I was taken on my own by a guide to Suvla Bay. We stopped at Atatürk’s House Museum in Bigali and the Suvla Museum on the way. I visited some of the British cemeteries just inland from Suvla Bay, mostly containing the graves of unknown soldiers, as well as the beach.

    My afternoon was free, so I went over on the ferry to Çanakkale, which has a lovely promenade that features the magnificent model of the horse used in the Brad Pitt film ‘Troy’, and a model of Troy showing it as used to be. After returning to Eceabat to wait for the coach to take me back to Istanbul, I still had time to wander along the promenade at Eceabat and look at its realistic ‘Respect for History Park’, which is close to the ferry terminal. The park contains model trenches of ‘Quinn’s Post’, a contoured scale-model of the Gallipoli Peninsula campaign, and busts of Turkish generals.

    The guides on all three days were excellent and I would recommend RSL’s Gallipoli tours. Without them I would never have managed to achieve my objective of being at Suvla Bay on the 12th August.

    Alyssa Park
    My family and I did the 3 day tour which included Troy. The trip was great value and included transport, accommodation and food. The guides were really accommodating, even organising and driving us in his own car to the beach as we had a free afternoon. I would highly recommend RSL tours.

    Lloyd Saunders

    We had a fabulous 3 day trip. Our guide, Yusuf, was knowledgeable and communicated very well. The sites we visited at Cape Helllas, Anzac Cove and Suvla Bay gave us a strong appreciation of the strategies used by both sides in the battles. We had done a lot of research so already knew a lot of factual info from the Aussie point of view but the Turkish viewpoint was also explained well. We were very moved by the Turkish Memorial and the people who made it a pilgrimage.

    Yusuf made every effort to assist my husband who had difficulty walking, even taking a stool for him to rest on.

    The bus drivers were also worthy of compliments. Driving through Sultanameht late at night when returning to Istanbul was so colourful and interesting and the driver was brilliant, negotiating tight corners and narrow streets with ease.

    Ruben Hunter

    I booked on the three day tour starting and finishing in Istanbul. The tour encompassed Troy, a full day around the battlefields and an additional half day to one of the lesser known sites.

    DO NOT do the one day tour from Istanbul unless you're really pushed for time. You just don't get a real feel for the area and it's a long day. Stay overnight, all accomodation and meals are included in the tour packages which are great value for money.

    I had a really enjoyable three days with the team from RSL Tours and couldn't fault any part of the tour program.

    Highly recommended professional outfit.

    Marcus Sanders

    We Went on the 3 Day tour of Troy, Gallipoli and Suvla Bay. The tour was fantastic! Very informative guides especially Hassan! He is so welcoming and passionate. The Grand Eceabat Hotel was spacious, clean and tidy with the most amazing Turkish hospitality. The soups that were on offer were delicious. Plenty of traditional food. A wonderful all round Turkish experience.

    The only thing you need to be aware of is the cheese sandwich they give you on the bus from Istanbul to Eceabat... They do stop over at a petrol station where you can get a good breakfast though. Otherwise this trip is a must do!

    Paulette Sharp
    On our recent (March 11-18, 2015) trip to Istanbul we took a few days out on the Gallipoli peninsular to visit WW1 ANZAC sites. RSL tours, based in Eceabat at do a fantastic job. Olimpia in the front office answered all our emails with upbeat accuracy. Our guide Hasan is well known for his patient, polite and knowledgeable approach. He is an expert on the whole subject of the Gallipoli battles and takes time to get his groups to all the right spots. His maps and photos were a great help. Our Canakkale hotel was fine and RSL also took care of ferries. Their van buses are very comfortable and the driver was excellent. There are many tour companies covering this area but RSL must surely provide unbeatable quality and value.

    Brittany Mccoy

    From start to finish RSL made our 3 day 2 night trip to Troy and Gallipoli amazing. Our party consisted of four adults and two kids (under 10),with our main focus being the battlefields at Gallipoli. Our trip was organized and set-up by Olimpia and she included everything that we wanted to see to include a trip to Troy. Olimpia was absolutely fantastic with making sure that the group was taken care of and she allowed us to use the best guide that RSL has (in my opinion). Hasan was by far the most knowledgeable battlefield guide, I have ever met. I have been to battlefields all over the world and his depth of knowledge and ability to relate the material to what we were seeing, made the trip so much more worthwhile for all of us to include the kids.

    Everyone was surprised by the shear amount of things we saw and knowledge we gained. For a group of Americans, this was a great experience and we learned a ton about the sacrifices on both sides of the trenches. I will never forget Hasan and his incredible knowledge and passion for telling both sides of the battles. During the three day tour, we were able to travel all three major areas of the battlefield and had the chance to walk and visit some very remote areas to include Hill 60. How our driver Clineyt managed to get our mini-bus into some of the areas we saw, we will never know, but he was awesome and helped us to get the most out of our experience. I would recommend RSL to anyone wanting to visit Gallipoli and especially Hasan as a guide. You will not be disappointed in this tour, it was simply amazing.