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    North Cappadocia Tour


    08:30 / 09:30 - You will be picked up from the hotel. Pick up time depends to location of hotel.


    North Cappadocia tour also known as Red tour at Lonely Planet's recommendations, is a great itinerary which covers all highlights of the North Cappadocia. When combined with South Cappadocia tour at secont day, two tours would cover all Cappadocia's highlights.



    It has beautiful rock formations with some great hidden rock carved churches. The most interesting part of this area is the countless tracks connecting the small villages and towns through vineyards and gardens like a spider net. The Rose Valley is an isolated valley behind Urgup. It is always possible to see villagers working in the area and offering grapes, apples or apricots to you.



    Goreme, an important Christian centre in the early years of the middle ages, was a bishopric administered by Mokissos near Aksaray in the 11th and 13th Centuries. Despite the vast number of monasteries, churches and chapels in the vicinity of Goreme there are not many inscriptions bearing dates. For this reason these religious buildings are mainly dated according to the iconography or architectural features.



    Pasabagi is the best place to see three-headed fairy chimneys. Pasabag, the Pasha's Vineyard is surrounded by incredible natural rock formations; a spectacular scene.



    Cavusin is one of the oldest settlement in the area. Cavusin is situated 2km from Goreme, on the Goreme - Avanos road. The Church of St. John the Baptist offers a panoramic view of the village. This church and its paintings date back to the 5th century, making it the oldest church in the region. It had a large courtyard which is unusual for Cappadocia. However this has eroded away.



    It is a town where you will be invited to visit a traditional pottery workshop on our tours. Set deep into the hillside. Avanos is the centre for terracotta works of art since 3000BC,. The clay, from the Red River passing through the town gives life both to the land and to the local economy.



    Uchisar is a troglodyte town situated right in the middle of Cappadoccia. It is named after the enormous piece of rock in the centre of the town, which was once used as a castle. This extraordinary rock is the highest peak of the area with a view of whole of Cappadocia and Erciyes (Argeus) Mountain.



    which is also known as Imaginary Valley and also as Pink Valley does not have cave churches like the other valleys of Cappadocia. Reveals many different rock formations and is only a 10 minute drive from Goreme. The small fairy chimneys in the valley form a lunar landscape, or moonscape, by their strange look. The valley also has many animal shaped rocks.


    The tour ends around 16:30 /17:00, Drop of to hotels.


    More information & Reservation: info@rsltours.com

    RSL Tour Customers Reviews


    Clarence Coleman

    I cannot recommend RSL tours more. I have been on several tours with them now, and they have all run smoothly and have made for a highly enjoyable experience. They are a family run business that ensures that all your needs are meet.

    This was especially true, when I undertook a 2 day Cappadocia tour through them. While this was run by a sister company of theirs, RSL tours ensured that I was well looked after and made my tour extremely enjoyable and one of the highlights of my trip and at a minimal expense.

    They organised flights to and from Istanbul along with airport transfers, and put me up in a luxurious hotel, making my trip stress free and relaxing. It included Red and Green tours, taking in the different sites and all that Cappadocia had to offer. But by far the highlight of the trip was the Hot Air Balloon ride. I was devastated when on my last day in Cappadocia, the air balloon tour was cancelled due to bad weather. I quickly got in touch with Gavin at RSL tours, and he miraculous managed to get me on the last spot on a balloon ride the next day!!! (baring in mind that that day would've already been near booked out, not to mention the hundreds of people in my position who missed out and who desperately wanted to get on the next day!), and as well as managing to changed my flights to the following day (and airport transfers) for only 30euros!!

    As I said, I cannot recommend RSL tours more!! For a friendly, stress free, enjoyable tours, that do not break the bank, look no further than RSL Tours!!

    Anthony Clark
    This is an activity you have to do with no excuse if you come to Turkey. Any balloon ride in any other place in the world will cost you the same or more and that place won't be Capadoccia. At first moment all people think its a too "boutique/ luxury" thing paying for only some hour but you totally should do it, even been a young traveller like me. Ash find me a very good deal comparing other companirs and it totally worth. The feeling of flying is very smooth and funny and the views are just wonderful, like being in a Star Wars movie. I've taken tons of pictures and videos. The people of Sultan Balloons are really kind and friendly. You won't regret it, whatever your plan of traveling and badge is. Really.

    Heather Stewart

    My girlfriend and I this morning experienced the amazing hot air balloon ride across the breathtaking scenery that is Cappadocia.

    We booked online through RSL Tours, and were picked up early this morning, driven to have a light breakfast & coffee before preparing for the balloon ride.

    Our pilot, Tarik ensured a smooth take-off and landing, and the ride itself was smooth and made for great photos. Unfortunately it was a bit cloudy but it was still a great view from the height we were at.