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    Option 1 - ANZAC Day 2020


    Tour Type: Speacial Ceremony Tour
    Duration: 2 Days
    Language: Guided in English
    Program Code: AND17
    Date – Duration: 24 / 25 April 2020 – 2 days / 1 night at the Commemorative Site
    Meeting Point & Time: Istanbul Hagia Sophia Square at 10.45 am


    Day 1 (24 April 2020) – Istanbul to Gallipoli


    11:00 Pick up from Hagia Sophia square

    17:00 Arrive to Gallipoli Peninsula


    18:00 Depart for Anzac Dawn Service

    Overnight in the Service area


    Day 2 (25 April 2020)


    05:00 Anzac Cove Ceremony, after the service you will depart for the Australian ceremony at Lone Pine, because no bus transportation allowed you are going to walk up the Artillery Road over Shell Green which last around 1 hour.

    10:30 Lone Pine Australian Service

    11:30 Chunuk Bair New Zealand Service

    New Zealanders continue on their walk from Lone Pine to the Chunuk Bair New Zealand Memorial. You’ll follow the main road to the Chunuk Bair, this walk will last around 1 hour.

    On the way you will have a chance to see Johnston’s Jolly where are remains of Turkish and Anzac trenches, Steele’s and Courntney’s Post cemetery, Quinns Post Cemetery & 57th Regiment Turkish Memorial.

    We return back to town after Services

    Lunch by the Dardanelles

    Depart for Istanbul or Kusadasi / Selcuk

    Dinner on the way

    Drop off to same place in Istanbul


    This Package Includes:


    This Package Excludes:

    Notes:While you will be attending the servise site wear comfortable clothes. Bring warm clothes. There will be blankets for sale in the area. Bring sleeping bags (if you have it) Please advise if any special needs that you require.


    More information & Reservation: info@rsltours.com



    RSL Tour Customers Reviwes


    Jaime Hines
    Hasan the tour guide was AMAZING. I did the ANZAC day over night tour with him and a small group of about 12 others. Hasan stopped us at multiple spots along the Galipoli Coast and pointed out important historical points, telling us amazing stories and really making sure we understood and learned as much as possible. Other bigger groups like Contiki were just walking past them! I can't imagine how much they would miss out on! The best part of the entire trip was Hasan taking us up the mountain to Razor Edge and down into the valley along the exact same route the Queenslanders did on April 25th 101 years ago. There wasn't even a track but he knew the way, and really put us in the mindset of how difficult the Anzacs had it. Also, the RSL group gave us cute lunch and breakfast packs for the trip and even an RSL beanie for the cold night! This tour company really cares about the customer experience and go above and beyond to make sure you enjoy it.

    Mary Baldwin

    My eldest brother was lucky enough to win a place at Gallipoli for the 2015 Anzac Day Commemoration. I was lucky enough to be chosen by him to be his Companion (thanks Bro).

    We had 9 Great-Uncles serve in WWI, 3 of them at Gallipoli. We decided to spend 2 weeks on the trip so that we could come home with sufficient stories to keep our (mostly Bro’s) Grand-Kids happy.

    We didn’t want to go on a holiday, we were called Pilgrims for a reason. We decided to spend a week in Turkey (including Anzac Day) and then a further week in Belgium/France touring the Western Front and in particular, Flanders Fields (where we lost the only Great-Uncle who didn’t return). Primarily, we wanted to learn as much as we could about the Gallipoli Campaign as it figures so prominently in how we Australians see ourselves, so we booked with THE BEST BATTLEFIELD TOUR GROUP in Turkey - RSL Tours.

    We booked Option 3 and found ourselves on Bus 18 with Hassan and the greatest bunch of real Aussies and Kiwis I have ever met - it became blatantly clear that we all shared the same passion, to immerse ourselves in the history behind one of the most tragic events ever to fall on Australian shoulders, and to remember our Ancestors who had served and more often than not, died there.

    I don’t know if anyone knew what chaos would descend on the Gallipoli Peninsula in that week – Tour Groups who had NEVER ventured near Gallipoli in the past were suddenly experts and created road-trains of buses filled with people who had paid 5 times what Bro and I had paid. I’m sure they ate great breakfasts and stayed in flash hotels, and had their baggage picked up and delivered on time and never had to wait for a pickup but THEY DIDN’T HAVE Hassan AND THEY DIDN’T HAVE Gavin AND THEY DIDN’T HAVE Ash and they were never on Bus 18.

    I was met in Eceabat by the most beautiful woman in the world who handed me a red rose and welcomed me to HER TOWN. I learned over the next 5 days that Turks are gentle, loving and open people who feel as awful about losing their young to gut-shots and gangrene and shrapnel wounds as we are. I lost count of the number of them who said to me “you are my brother”. When I left, Hassan hugged me and cried.

    As I came to grips with the absolute horror that those young Aussies and Kiwis were sent into, I found great support in Hassan’s knowledge – he KNEW what had happened and he knew what I was feeling AND HE CARED so he became a shoulder that I could lean on. I relied on him, as a qualified Historian, to keep me focussed on the facts and not the rhetoric. I learned stuff about Gallipoli that my father and grandfather didn’t know.

    Yes, I remember the terrible queues for breakfast and/or dinner, I remember the yelling and gesturing outside the RSL Tours offices trying to sort buses and passengers, I remember the moans of disappointment on the ferry when we learned we couldn’t travel North to see more of ANZAC Cove, I remember the 43 hours without a bed that it cost to attend ANZAC Day, I remember the tortuous wait for Bus 18 to take me back to Istanbul after the Ceremonies and I remember the chaos involved in getting all the passengers from all the buses into their individual shuttles back to their hotels in the wee small hours of 26th April.

    But I also remember the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque and the Hippodrome and the Grand Covered Bazaar and Suleymaniye Mosque and Achi Baba Hill and V Beach Cemetery and the Cape Helles Memorial and the Lancashire Landing Cemetery and the Twelve Tree Copse Cemetery and Alcitepe Village and the Gallipoli Epic Simulation Centre and Kilitbahir Fortress and Brighton Beach and the Ariburnu Cemetery and the Mehmetcik Memorial Statue and Johnston's Jolly and Walker’s Ridge and the Turkish 57. Infantry Regiment Cemetery and The Nek and Chunuk Bair and Buyuk Anafarta Village and Chocolate & Green Hills and Suvla Bay and the Kirectepe Turkish Gendarme Cemetery and Scimitar Hill and Fishermans Hut and Lala Baba Hill. I remember the AMAZING ferry trip, accompanied by Battleships returning from their manoeuvres, only a kilometre away, up the Straits as if they were accompanying us.

    I remember being taken on an incredible journey of learning by a group of people who were qualified to teach me what I needed to know, and I am eternally grateful to them for the changes that have occurred in me because of the knowledge I now have. Friends have asked me “how has it affected you?” and my response is “when I tell someone I am an Australian, I now know what it means”.

    RSL Tours faced a sea of challenges in April 2015. They responded to most of them with the sort of professionalism you would expect from an International Tour Operator. They dropped the ball a couple of times but so did Ian Healy.

    I am seriously looking forward to returning to Turkey in the off-season and asking Hassan to REALLY teach me about the Gallipoli Campaign.

    Thank you RSL Tours for all you did for me.

    Jeffery Peterson

    My wife and I attended the 2015 ANZAC Service, and chose to go with Rsl Tours. The Option 3 package for the Gallipoli Battlefields is the best, and the time spent on the peninsula will be well worth it. Rsl Tours will arrange accommodation (perhaps in some instance pension accommodation if space is tight) and meals, nothing fancy, but you will sleep well and will not starve.

    Rsl Tours arranged our follow-on tours through Turkey and transport back to Istanbul. We went to Pergamum, Kusadasi, Selcuk (Ephesus), Pamukkale, Konya and Cappadocia. Flew from Nevsehir back to Istanbul to finish the tour.

    Nothing but praise for Rsl Tours and the tours companies they arranged our follow-on tours with; don't forget to pre-book your balloon flight at Cappadocia, Rsl Tours can do that for you.

    Ernesto Strickland
    ANZAC DAY Tours with RSL tours This company has thought of everything. I was lucky to gain a "Rare" ticket to the 100th ceremony in 2015. I totally reccommend RSL Tours BRILLIANT, nothing to hard, very friendly & knowledgable. This is a life time event you should save up for. This is a very important part of our history. A MUST.

    Beatrice King

    My wife and I traveled to Istanbul in April 2015 along with thousands of other Australians to attend the Anzac Ceremony commemorating the 100th anniversary. We had previously been to ANZAC Cove and had researched the area knowing Ecebat was small and had limited resources to handle the influx of people that were to come. We booked with RSL Tours and they did an excellent job organising the trip.

    The accommodation available was only basic but we expected that and were prepared to put up with it and just enjoy the whole experience. The Dawn service was excellent as was Lone Pine. It was a disappointing end to the day with the delays in getting away from the site but this was not the fault of RSL Tours it was an error by the organisers of the event again not RSL Tours. The down side of this tour was the amount of rude and ugly Australians who abused and berated RSL Tours Staff for things they had no control over. It was embarrasing to be around them. Following on from the ANZAC event my wife and I embarked on a further 5 day tour with RSL through Kusidasi, Ephesus, Pamukalle and Cappadocia. The trip was excellent and we experienced excellent sites, accommodation and really excellent meals. Well done RSL Tours and an apology for the behaviour of a small minority.

    Ruth Wade

    I must say I was more than impressed with RSL Tours and their efforts to make my time in Istanbul and Gallipoli as comfortable as possible. My father and I arrived late on the 22nd and had a daily tour booked to go to Troy which was scheduled a year in advance to be picked up at 6:30am. As I had already been overseas for a month it hadn't crossed my mind until just before I arrived to my motel on the 22nd to check in with RSL Tours to see if they were still coming, this however was not needed as they had gone out of their way and contacted my hotel and advised them to have us ready for pick up at 6:30 the next morning! This was a tick in all boxes for dad and myself. Further to this initiative, the tour guide we had taking us out to Troy was very knowledgeable and made what would usually be a boring chat about history, be interesting and enjoyable!

    We then returned back to Istanbul late that night and were again picked up on the 24th to our tour out to gallipoli for the centenary, with 650 plus people booked on this tour I was expecting chaos however I was wrong, Oli and the team had everything organised perfectly and there was nothing I could find to fault the company. We received jackets, beanies and scarfs and help whenever we need for even the smallest of things to make the pilgrimage as comfortable as possible!! The help I received months and months in advance was admirable as well, I had so many questions in regards to travel to Turkey and Oli was more than happy to answer all the questions I had which was outside of her duties.

    Overall it goes without saying that RSL tours is an excellent company and I cannot rate them highly enough. Oli and team thank you so much for making the trip of a life time absolutely perfect!!

    Cedric Casey

    I was extremely happy with every aspect of these operators for my Gallipoli tour for Anzac day.

    - The bus was clean, albeit with a scary crack down the middle of the windscreen.

    - The local tour guides in Canakkale were extremely interesting and gave a historical account of the battles, as well as some of there personal insights.

    - Inclusive boat ride was extremely useful

    - VIP service pick-up, being the first of 130 coaches to leave the ceremony. That was fantastic and deserves an extra star!