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    RSL Tour Customer Reviews


    Andrea Watson

    I visited Istanbul and Gallipoli in early August, with the specific intention of being at Suvla Bay, Gallipoli on the 12th August 2015, exactly 100 years to the day after a relative on my mother’s, mother’s side, was killed in that area. Charles Bray was in the Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding Regiment) Y Company 8th Battalion, which formed part of the 32nd Infantry Brigade that landed at Lala Baba, Suvla Bay on the night of the 6th August 1915.

    I arranged the return flights from London to Istanbul, but RSL Tours arranged everything else for me, i.e. the airport transfers, hotel for the two periods I was in Istanbul, and the three-day Eceabat-based Gallipoli Tour which started and finished in Istanbul.

    In Gallipoli, I stayed two nights at the hotel, in a room that overlooked the ferry and had views across the Dardanelles to the Asian side. The hotel had a top floor restaurant that had even more magnificent views over the Dardanelles. The food was fine and the hotel staff were friendly.

    The afternoon on the first day of the Gallipoli Tour was taken up by an interesting coach trip to the ancient site of Troy on the Asian side, via the ferry to Çanakkale.

    The second day started with a visit to the Cape Helles area, which has both Turkish and British memorials to the fallen. At the British memorial, I quickly found the name of my fallen relative, listed along with the other approximately 21,000 Allies whose whereabouts remain unknown.

    There was also a visit to the relatively new Gallipoli Kabatepe Museum which cost $80 million dollars and has 11 gallery rooms, each equipped with advanced high-tech simulation equipment. The story of the 1915 Gallipoli naval and land campaigns is told from both Turkish and ANZAC points of view. The technology allows visitors to choose their presentation language and interact with the display.

    In the afternoon, there was a visit to the Anzac Cove area, including the Beach, Lone Pine, and Chunuk Bair Cemeteries, and to the trenches at Johnston’s Jolly.

    On the morning of the third day, I was taken on my own by a guide to Suvla Bay. We stopped at Atatürk’s House Museum in Bigali and the Suvla Museum on the way. I visited some of the British cemeteries just inland from Suvla Bay, mostly containing the graves of unknown soldiers, as well as the beach.

    My afternoon was free, so I went over on the ferry to Çanakkale, which has a lovely promenade that features the magnificent model of the horse used in the Brad Pitt film ‘Troy’, and a model of Troy showing it as used to be. After returning to Eceabat to wait for the coach to take me back to Istanbul, I still had time to wander along the promenade at Eceabat and look at its realistic ‘Respect for History Park’, which is close to the ferry terminal. The park contains model trenches of ‘Quinn’s Post’, a contoured scale-model of the Gallipoli Peninsula campaign, and busts of Turkish generals.

    The guides on all three days were excellent and I would recommend RSL’s Gallipoli tours. Without them I would never have managed to achieve my objective of being at Suvla Bay on the 12th August.

    Alyssa Park
    My family and I did the 3 day tour which included Troy. The trip was great value and included transport, accommodation and food. The guides were really accommodating, even organising and driving us in his own car to the beach as we had a free afternoon. I would highly recommend RSL tours.

    Lloyd Saunders

    We had a fabulous 3 day trip. Our guide, Yusuf, was knowledgeable and communicated very well. The sites we visited at Cape Helllas, Anzac Cove and Suvla Bay gave us a strong appreciation of the strategies used by both sides in the battles. We had done a lot of research so already knew a lot of factual info from the Aussie point of view but the Turkish viewpoint was also explained well. We were very moved by the Turkish Memorial and the people who made it a pilgrimage.

    Yusuf made every effort to assist my husband who had difficulty walking, even taking a stool for him to rest on.

    The bus drivers were also worthy of compliments. Driving through Sultanameht late at night when returning to Istanbul was so colourful and interesting and the driver was brilliant, negotiating tight corners and narrow streets with ease.

    Ruben Hunter

    I booked on the three day tour starting and finishing in Istanbul. The tour encompassed Troy, a full day around the battlefields and an additional half day to one of the lesser known sites.

    DO NOT do the one day tour from Istanbul unless you're really pushed for time. You just don't get a real feel for the area and it's a long day. Stay overnight, all accomodation and meals are included in the tour packages which are great value for money.

    I had a really enjoyable three days with the team from RSL Tours and couldn't fault any part of the tour program.

    Highly recommended professional outfit.

    Marcus Sanders

    We Went on the 3 Day tour of Troy, Gallipoli and Suvla Bay. The tour was fantastic! Very informative guides especially Hassan! He is so welcoming and passionate. The Grand Eceabat Hotel was spacious, clean and tidy with the most amazing Turkish hospitality. The soups that were on offer were delicious. Plenty of traditional food. A wonderful all round Turkish experience.

    The only thing you need to be aware of is the cheese sandwich they give you on the bus from Istanbul to Eceabat... They do stop over at a petrol station where you can get a good breakfast though. Otherwise this trip is a must do!

    Paulette Sharp
    On our recent (March 11-18, 2015) trip to Istanbul we took a few days out on the Gallipoli peninsular to visit WW1 ANZAC sites. RSL tours, based in Eceabat at do a fantastic job. Olimpia in the front office answered all our emails with upbeat accuracy. Our guide Hasan is well known for his patient, polite and knowledgeable approach. He is an expert on the whole subject of the Gallipoli battles and takes time to get his groups to all the right spots. His maps and photos were a great help. Our Canakkale hotel was fine and RSL also took care of ferries. Their van buses are very comfortable and the driver was excellent. There are many tour companies covering this area but RSL must surely provide unbeatable quality and value.

    Brittany Mccoy

    From start to finish RSL made our 3 day 2 night trip to Troy and Gallipoli amazing. Our party consisted of four adults and two kids (under 10),with our main focus being the battlefields at Gallipoli. Our trip was organized and set-up by Olimpia and she included everything that we wanted to see to include a trip to Troy. Olimpia was absolutely fantastic with making sure that the group was taken care of and she allowed us to use the best guide that RSL has (in my opinion). Hasan was by far the most knowledgeable battlefield guide, I have ever met. I have been to battlefields all over the world and his depth of knowledge and ability to relate the material to what we were seeing, made the trip so much more worthwhile for all of us to include the kids.

    Everyone was surprised by the shear amount of things we saw and knowledge we gained. For a group of Americans, this was a great experience and we learned a ton about the sacrifices on both sides of the trenches. I will never forget Hasan and his incredible knowledge and passion for telling both sides of the battles. During the three day tour, we were able to travel all three major areas of the battlefield and had the chance to walk and visit some very remote areas to include Hill 60. How our driver Clineyt managed to get our mini-bus into some of the areas we saw, we will never know, but he was awesome and helped us to get the most out of our experience. I would recommend RSL to anyone wanting to visit Gallipoli and especially Hasan as a guide. You will not be disappointed in this tour, it was simply amazing.

    Jaime Hines
    Hasan the tour guide was AMAZING. I did the ANZAC day over night tour with him and a small group of about 12 others. Hasan stopped us at multiple spots along the Galipoli Coast and pointed out important historical points, telling us amazing stories and really making sure we understood and learned as much as possible. Other bigger groups like Contiki were just walking past them! I can't imagine how much they would miss out on! The best part of the entire trip was Hasan taking us up the mountain to Razor Edge and down into the valley along the exact same route the Queenslanders did on April 25th 101 years ago. There wasn't even a track but he knew the way, and really put us in the mindset of how difficult the Anzacs had it. Also, the RSL group gave us cute lunch and breakfast packs for the trip and even an RSL beanie for the cold night! This tour company really cares about the customer experience and go above and beyond to make sure you enjoy it.

    Mary Baldwin

    My eldest brother was lucky enough to win a place at Gallipoli for the 2015 Anzac Day Commemoration. I was lucky enough to be chosen by him to be his Companion (thanks Bro).

    We had 9 Great-Uncles serve in WWI, 3 of them at Gallipoli. We decided to spend 2 weeks on the trip so that we could come home with sufficient stories to keep our (mostly Bro’s) Grand-Kids happy.

    We didn’t want to go on a holiday, we were called Pilgrims for a reason. We decided to spend a week in Turkey (including Anzac Day) and then a further week in Belgium/France touring the Western Front and in particular, Flanders Fields (where we lost the only Great-Uncle who didn’t return). Primarily, we wanted to learn as much as we could about the Gallipoli Campaign as it figures so prominently in how we Australians see ourselves, so we booked with THE BEST BATTLEFIELD TOUR GROUP in Turkey - RSL Tours.

    We booked Option 3 and found ourselves on Bus 18 with Hassan and the greatest bunch of real Aussies and Kiwis I have ever met - it became blatantly clear that we all shared the same passion, to immerse ourselves in the history behind one of the most tragic events ever to fall on Australian shoulders, and to remember our Ancestors who had served and more often than not, died there.

    I don’t know if anyone knew what chaos would descend on the Gallipoli Peninsula in that week – Tour Groups who had NEVER ventured near Gallipoli in the past were suddenly experts and created road-trains of buses filled with people who had paid 5 times what Bro and I had paid. I’m sure they ate great breakfasts and stayed in flash hotels, and had their baggage picked up and delivered on time and never had to wait for a pickup but THEY DIDN’T HAVE Hassan AND THEY DIDN’T HAVE Gavin AND THEY DIDN’T HAVE Ash and they were never on Bus 18.

    I was met in Eceabat by the most beautiful woman in the world who handed me a red rose and welcomed me to HER TOWN. I learned over the next 5 days that Turks are gentle, loving and open people who feel as awful about losing their young to gut-shots and gangrene and shrapnel wounds as we are. I lost count of the number of them who said to me “you are my brother”. When I left, Hassan hugged me and cried.

    As I came to grips with the absolute horror that those young Aussies and Kiwis were sent into, I found great support in Hassan’s knowledge – he KNEW what had happened and he knew what I was feeling AND HE CARED so he became a shoulder that I could lean on. I relied on him, as a qualified Historian, to keep me focussed on the facts and not the rhetoric. I learned stuff about Gallipoli that my father and grandfather didn’t know.

    Yes, I remember the terrible queues for breakfast and/or dinner, I remember the yelling and gesturing outside the RSL Tours offices trying to sort buses and passengers, I remember the moans of disappointment on the ferry when we learned we couldn’t travel North to see more of ANZAC Cove, I remember the 43 hours without a bed that it cost to attend ANZAC Day, I remember the tortuous wait for Bus 18 to take me back to Istanbul after the Ceremonies and I remember the chaos involved in getting all the passengers from all the buses into their individual shuttles back to their hotels in the wee small hours of 26th April.

    But I also remember the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque and the Hippodrome and the Grand Covered Bazaar and Suleymaniye Mosque and Achi Baba Hill and V Beach Cemetery and the Cape Helles Memorial and the Lancashire Landing Cemetery and the Twelve Tree Copse Cemetery and Alcitepe Village and the Gallipoli Epic Simulation Centre and Kilitbahir Fortress and Brighton Beach and the Ariburnu Cemetery and the Mehmetcik Memorial Statue and Johnston's Jolly and Walker’s Ridge and the Turkish 57. Infantry Regiment Cemetery and The Nek and Chunuk Bair and Buyuk Anafarta Village and Chocolate & Green Hills and Suvla Bay and the Kirectepe Turkish Gendarme Cemetery and Scimitar Hill and Fishermans Hut and Lala Baba Hill. I remember the AMAZING ferry trip, accompanied by Battleships returning from their manoeuvres, only a kilometre away, up the Straits as if they were accompanying us.

    I remember being taken on an incredible journey of learning by a group of people who were qualified to teach me what I needed to know, and I am eternally grateful to them for the changes that have occurred in me because of the knowledge I now have. Friends have asked me “how has it affected you?” and my response is “when I tell someone I am an Australian, I now know what it means”.

    RSL Tours faced a sea of challenges in April 2015. They responded to most of them with the sort of professionalism you would expect from an International Tour Operator. They dropped the ball a couple of times but so did Ian Healy.

    I am seriously looking forward to returning to Turkey in the off-season and asking Hassan to REALLY teach me about the Gallipoli Campaign.

    Thank you RSL Tours for all you did for me.

    Jeffery Peterson

    My wife and I attended the 2015 ANZAC Service, and chose to go with Rsl Tours. The Option 3 package for the Gallipoli Battlefields is the best, and the time spent on the peninsula will be well worth it. Rsl Tours will arrange accommodation (perhaps in some instance pension accommodation if space is tight) and meals, nothing fancy, but you will sleep well and will not starve.

    Rsl Tours arranged our follow-on tours through Turkey and transport back to Istanbul. We went to Pergamum, Kusadasi, Selcuk (Ephesus), Pamukkale, Konya and Cappadocia. Flew from Nevsehir back to Istanbul to finish the tour.

    Nothing but praise for Rsl Tours and the tours companies they arranged our follow-on tours with; don't forget to pre-book your balloon flight at Cappadocia, Rsl Tours can do that for you.

    Ernesto Strickland
    ANZAC DAY Tours with RSL tours This company has thought of everything. I was lucky to gain a "Rare" ticket to the 100th ceremony in 2015. I totally reccommend RSL Tours BRILLIANT, nothing to hard, very friendly & knowledgable. This is a life time event you should save up for. This is a very important part of our history. A MUST.

    Beatrice King

    My wife and I traveled to Istanbul in April 2015 along with thousands of other Australians to attend the Anzac Ceremony commemorating the 100th anniversary. We had previously been to ANZAC Cove and had researched the area knowing Ecebat was small and had limited resources to handle the influx of people that were to come. We booked with RSL Tours and they did an excellent job organising the trip.

    The accommodation available was only basic but we expected that and were prepared to put up with it and just enjoy the whole experience. The Dawn service was excellent as was Lone Pine. It was a disappointing end to the day with the delays in getting away from the site but this was not the fault of RSL Tours it was an error by the organisers of the event again not RSL Tours. The down side of this tour was the amount of rude and ugly Australians who abused and berated RSL Tours Staff for things they had no control over. It was embarrasing to be around them. Following on from the ANZAC event my wife and I embarked on a further 5 day tour with RSL through Kusidasi, Ephesus, Pamukalle and Cappadocia. The trip was excellent and we experienced excellent sites, accommodation and really excellent meals. Well done RSL Tours and an apology for the behaviour of a small minority.

    Ruth Wade

    I must say I was more than impressed with RSL Tours and their efforts to make my time in Istanbul and Gallipoli as comfortable as possible. My father and I arrived late on the 22nd and had a daily tour booked to go to Troy which was scheduled a year in advance to be picked up at 6:30am. As I had already been overseas for a month it hadn't crossed my mind until just before I arrived to my motel on the 22nd to check in with RSL Tours to see if they were still coming, this however was not needed as they had gone out of their way and contacted my hotel and advised them to have us ready for pick up at 6:30 the next morning! This was a tick in all boxes for dad and myself. Further to this initiative, the tour guide we had taking us out to Troy was very knowledgeable and made what would usually be a boring chat about history, be interesting and enjoyable!

    We then returned back to Istanbul late that night and were again picked up on the 24th to our tour out to gallipoli for the centenary, with 650 plus people booked on this tour I was expecting chaos however I was wrong, Oli and the team had everything organised perfectly and there was nothing I could find to fault the company. We received jackets, beanies and scarfs and help whenever we need for even the smallest of things to make the pilgrimage as comfortable as possible!! The help I received months and months in advance was admirable as well, I had so many questions in regards to travel to Turkey and Oli was more than happy to answer all the questions I had which was outside of her duties.

    Overall it goes without saying that RSL tours is an excellent company and I cannot rate them highly enough. Oli and team thank you so much for making the trip of a life time absolutely perfect!!

    Cedric Casey

    I was extremely happy with every aspect of these operators for my Gallipoli tour for Anzac day.

    - The bus was clean, albeit with a scary crack down the middle of the windscreen.

    - The local tour guides in Canakkale were extremely interesting and gave a historical account of the battles, as well as some of there personal insights.

    - Inclusive boat ride was extremely useful

    - VIP service pick-up, being the first of 130 coaches to leave the ceremony. That was fantastic and deserves an extra star!

    Lillie May
    Amazing Tour Guides! We had the most amazing 2 days with RSL tours. They were very professional and knowledgeable. With great respect for the land and history, as an Australian and a Kiwi we felt welcomed and they were accommodating of our preferences. Our guide Yusuf was fantastic! We would highly recommend Rsl tours for anyone interested in the Gallipoli campaign and Troy.

    Melody Gill
    We booked a two day Troy/Gallipoli tour from Istanbul. We enjoyed everything about the tour and Burek was fantastic. On reaching Eceabat, there are three distinct tours that take place from RSL's base. We had the same guide for all three sections, and due to the downturn in tourism, two out of the three outings ended up as private tours (the third had only four people). The information provided was balanced and interesting

    Cesar Norris
    We have just returned from a 2-day Gallipoli tour with RSL and both thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend the company to other travellers. All the staff we dealt with were very welcoming, efficient and friendly. Our tour group was small - the first day just 4 of us, and the second day just us two. We had a very knowledgeable guide who not only provided an informative commentary but also was able to answer all our questions. We were given plenty of time at each location - there was never any hurry. A very worthwhile and memorable experience.

    Linda Bridges
    Everyone involved in this company is fantastic. From the initial e-mail all the way through to our departure, we couldn't have been made to feel more welcome. The staff at the hotel, guides and bus drivers could not be faulted. Also, great with our toddler. We did a Gallipoli tour and the Tour of Troy. Both excellent with fantastic guides. Thanks RSL tours.

    Johanna West

    Our intention was to do the Gallipoli Battlefield tour to mark the centenary of the evacuation of The ANZAC forces on the 19th - 20th December. One of our group suggested we go to ANZAC COVE for a dawn remembrance.

    The people at RSL TOURS made it happen.

    Our tour was the BEST.

    Barry Brock

    The two days of escorted and guided site seeing was OUTSTANDING. Sunday the 20th we went to places in the battlefield I had not known.

    The RSL TOUR team with Olimpia, the drivers and guides, Hasam and Yusef gave us a complete description and history of the sites, the movements, outcomes of many actions including several compassionate deeds by soldiers on each side.

    Their presentations of the WW1 battles between all sides were very balanced and commendable.

    We were able to feel the awesome emotions and offer our gratitude with dignity and respect for men of both nations.

    All the RSL TOURS staff need complementing on their service and assisting us and to other Gallipoli tourists.

    Jody Love
    We did the 2 day Gallipoli and Troy Tour. It was well organised and the only hiccup was the bus couldn't find our hotel so we were picked up at the end and as a result weren't able to sit together. The bus takes 5 hours to get there and it was quite uncomfortable. It had 2 rest stops which was great. The tour of Troy was really informative and you got to spend enough time exploring on your own without feeling rush. Day 2 we went to the memorials of the Turkish as well as doing Anzac Cove in the afternoon. Again the guides were fantastic and very informative. Glad we did the 2 days otherwise we would have only seen Anzac Cove and we got to see so much more one the 2 day tour.

    Kelli Collins
    We did three tours with RSL and each guide was informative, great sense of humour and made each excursion a trip to remember. The guides all speak good english and were obviously passionate on their subject. The lunch was fresh and tasty and a great way of sharing with fellow travellers. All staff, including administration were pleasant and a breeze to deal with.

    Dwight Bradley
    I took a 2 day tour from Istanbul visiting Troy and Gallipoli peninsular. Also a dawn visit to ANZAC Cove. The tour was fantastic, the entire team at RSL tours made it a truly memorable experience. Guides Burat, Hussain and Yusef were all extremely knowledgeable, kind and friendly and genuinely seemed to care. Highly recommend the company's tours

    Crystal Cole
    We were a party of 8 travelling to see the battlefields of Gallipoli, we flew into Istanbul and was collected and taken to a hotel in Istanbul which was a nice hotel. We were collected the next morning and taken to Eceabat to start the tour, which took 5 hours ish to arrive we did stop for breakfast on way.

    Elias Coleman

    We were a party of 8 travelling to see the battlefields of Gallipoli, we flew into Istanbul and was collected and taken to a hotel in Istanbul which was a nice hotel. We were collected the next morning and taken to Eceabat to start the tour, which took 5 hours ish to arrive we did stop for breakfast on way.

    On arrival, we had lunch and then did the half day tour of Troy with an excellent guide, we came back and had dinner in the hotel.

    The next morning we started our tour of the battlefields which was very informative and detailed, one of the other parties on the bus was from Australia had a great grandfather who was killed on the 5/11/1915 and we found his grave and was very moving as it was was 100 years to the day he died.

    We had a spare afternoon following the tour and we visited the naval museum and replica mine laying ship in Canakkale which was very interesting.

    We were then taken back to Istanbul the Friday night and on the Saturday we had a full day tour of Istanbul, which was very detailed and informative again.

    To round off the evening we had a dinner boat cruise down the Bosphorus, which we thought wouldn't be much good, but we had a great evening and even had one of our group up dancing with the belly dancer!

    So in conclusion, from the minute we were collected at the airport to time they dropped us off everything was included apart from a few meals and drinks included in the holiday, we all had a great time and would highly recommend RSL tours to anyone.

    Beth Butler

    We booked the 2 day Gallipoli, Snorkelling, Troy tour with RSL tours and I am so glad we did! We had the most memorable, wonderful time which my wife and I will never forget. from the super efficient pick up at our hotel in Istanbul to our return, we were looked after in every way and treated like family and as special guests. What sticks in my mind most is the friendliness and hospitality we were shown by the entire RSL team! (Sorry guys if I have spelt your names incorrectly)

    The commentary given by Hasan of the Anzac campaign was both informative and respectful to the memory of both sides and very balanced, the folks that took care of us on the bus, special thanks goes to Ozi & Chat whose most professional friendly service was above excellent, (Ooooooooooop!!! ) and Chat you navigating of the bus in Istanbul was beyond incredible and was a tour in itself! George and Zia for getting us home safely, the kind well presented organised team at the Grand Ecuabat Hotel was nothing short of excellent and now I know why it is called the "Grand" hotel!, Okay this is not a 5 star hotel in terms of room quality standards, nor does it proclaim to be, however what it lacks in room fit out it makes up for in the above 5 star "Grand" service, reception and attention extended to their guests by the entire RSL and hotel team! I would not have wanted to stay anywhere else even if a free 5 star "Hilton" was up the road. Thanks Barrack for the wonderful tour of Troy, you are an honouree Aussie citizen forever in my country mate, you repertoire of the Australian language and jokes are nothing short of inspiring! It made us appear as amateur Aussies!

    Thanks Yousef for the most memorable swim in Anzac cove which I will never forget, thanks Nich for introducing us to fine Peynir Helvasi in the little shop beside the hotel and for ringing our hotel with your own phone before the way home to tell them we would be late, many thanks to Olympia, for which nothing was ever a problem and took such great care of us, Gavin for your effective email and organising skills, the entire restaurant staff for the excellent meals that were served beautiful fresh authentic Turkish food which the quality and ambiance was outstanding, to the patient hotel cleaners who cleaned our room only for us to mess it up again after our snorkelling trip and to the friendly people of Ecuabat town who even shook our hands and welcomed us Aussies and posed for our photos I love you all, last but not least the beautiful and friendly dogs and cats that make this town what a gem of a special place it is today, I now understand why the animals of the town are so friendly, because the people are also and the animals obviously learn from this....these memory's I will have with me forever...I am sorry from Australia for the past for the Gallipoli campaign in which our country fought against such beautiful people with hearts made of absolute gold ..! Us Aussies have lots to learn from you about how to treat guests in our country! You have all made me a better person from the RSL experience ! Thank you all so much!!

    Carla Summers

    One of the best organised tours we have ever taken. We did the two day Troy and Gallipoli tour and had a fantastic experience.

    Picked up and dropped off on time and was well taken care of by Olympia, Hasan, Burak and all the other staff members.

    Burak was a very enthusiastic, passionate and knowledgeable guide on Troy and made the visit to Troy a very enjoyable and memorable visit.

    Hasan was also a very enthusiastic, passionate and knowledgeable guide on Gallipoli and my wife and I were glad that not only did we do the afternoon tour of the Australian and New Zealand battlefields, but also the morning tour of the British landing sites as well.

    We were the only two people who did the morning tour with Hasan since most people only do the one day tour to Gallipoli which takes place in the afternoon.

    I can highly recommend that it is best to do the morning and afternoon tours of Gallipoli as you get to experience what it was like from a Turkish perspective, rather than just the Australian/ New Zealand perspective.

    A visit to the Gallipoli Battle Museum was definitely a highlight of the morning tour, as was seeing other battle fields and memorials not visited by most people.

    Our room in Eceabat was average but more than suitable for one nights accommodation.

    The meals at the hotel were homely, tasty and plentiful and the price of the tour was extremely good value.

    Estelle Gutierrez
    It was a great expriance and i highly recomend to everyone, We have stayed 2 nights in Grand Eeabat Hotel for our 2 Days Best of Gallipoli Battlefields Tour, The hotel and the the tour operation was fantastic, these guys know what they are doing, i wouldn't hesitate to recomend to trust RSL Tours!

    Angelo Griffith
    We visited Troy and Gallipoli in the two day tour from Istanbul and really enjoyed our time with RSL. The guides were fantastic and full of knowledge. Our accommodation was clean and spacious- we have been backpacking for the last few months mind you so we aren't hard to please! Food was plentiful and safe to eat- not the best Turkish food we have had but definitely edible and stops you going hungry. If you want a hassle free and informative tour RSL tours is a great company to go with. Highlights were the assimilation centre and Anzac cove. Highly recommend!

    Dwayne Fox
    We actually booked through Go Turkey for a 7 day tour however the 2 days with RSL allowed Yusef to show off his knowledge of Gallipoli and Ulas to take us back in time at Troy. The personal touch to look after us in Canakkale was the best!! Thanks guys!

    Mathew Austin
    We hugely enjoyed the tours of Troy and Gallipoli, with Yusuf and Hasan respectively, and driver George. Hasan's command of the subject is remarkable: he knows the sources, and can discuss and explain them with clarity and humour, making his audience aware of the differences of interpretation and the building of national myths. His on-the-ground strategic and tactical explanations are full and clear. Yusuf at Troy was full of good humour and warm interaction with the group, helping to bring the ruins to life on all levels. All the administration, from first contact to drop off in Istanbul, was smooth and professional. This is how to do it! Well done, The Grand Eceabat Hotel I have reviewed under its own heading.

    Duane Rivera
    We did the two day Troy/Gallipoli tour and had a fabulous couple of days. The whole experience was very professional and organised. The tour guides were excellent, very knowledgeable and passionate about their areas. As we went a week after the 100th anniversary of Gallipoli, a member of our tour wanted to visit a war cemetery of a family member and Olympia (the tour coordinator in the area) did everything she could to locate this and incorporate it into our tour (which the rest of the bus were happy about). We would definitely recommend RSL Tours - in fact we already have!

    Janice Vargas
    We booked with RSL tours as we had been so impressed with reviews on Trip Adviser. Also contact and communication with the tour company throughout the booking process was outstanding. Our two day tour from Istanbul (Troy and Gallipoli) was the best ever. We can highly recommend this company and everyone involved as they truly go above and beyond all expectations! We were even fortunate enough to be able to find and visit my great uncle's grave at one of the many cemeteries scattered throughout the peninsula. The organiser and guides were brilliant and so thorough, efficient and friendly. They really are passionate about what they do and should be commended for their seamless operation. Don't bother looking at any other tour company. RSL all the way. We are very much looking forward to our next trip with them to the dawn service and ANZAC centenary commemoration. Bravo RSL!

    Kenneth Washington
    We have just completed the 2 day tour to Gallipoli and Troy and it was such a worthwhile experience. Our guides Barat, Yeseph and Hassan were so informative and entertaining and gave us many insights into the Gallipoli campaign we were unaware of. The hotel pick up in Istanbul was great and the meals provided were plentiful and tasty. Olympia went out of her way to arrange onward accomodation and bus tickets for us. I'd highly recommend this tour group.

    Faith Crawford
    We went on the two day Troy and Gallipoli tour. Hassan was our guide for day 2, Gallipoli. We thought we had a decent working knowledge of the Gallipoli battles but Hassan is a guru. He has done so much research and carries a folder with downloaded images and source documents to show. Not that he is dry or dusty at all! He is passionate and engaging and describes complex matters in easy to understand ways. Do yourself a favour in this ANZAC centenary year and make sure you get Hassan to guide you.

    Darnell Ruiz

    My husband and I originally travelled to Turkey intending only to stay in Istanbul for10 days. However, we changed our plans and decided to go to Gallipoli. We had not booked a tour ahead of time, so a day before our intended departure, I emailed RSL Tours for information and availability. surprisingly, within a few minutes, I had a response and the tour was organised for the next day.

    Everything we were told occurred. We were told a driver would pick us up from our apartment at 6.00am the next morning and we would travel to Eceabat and have breakfast along the way. We stopped at a highway restaurant and had breakfast which was included in the cost of our tour. If you don't want a Turkish breakfast, you can pay extra at the Roadhouse for alternatives.

    When we arrived in Eceabat, a small sleepy fishing village, we checked into The Grand Eceabat Hotel. This hotel is a 3 star hotel, so please do not anticipate a Hilton or even a Novotel, it is more akin to a country motel. However, it is very clean and quite and there is nothing more you could want. We travelled in winter and the room was adequately heated.

    After check in we had a 3 course Turkish lunch all inclusive in the price of the tour which is extremely reasonable for what you get. The waiter (Turan) was very accomodating of all our dining requirements, as were all the staff in the hotel. After lunch, we made our way to Troy by ferry again all fares are inclusive. We spent the afternoon in Troy and visited the city of Cannakale including the site where the horse made for the movie Troy is situated.

    After our trip to Troy there are a couple of hours to kill before dinner. Eceabat, as previously stated is a small fishing village, but it has a wonderful foreshore and you can easily take a nice stroll along here. I really loved Eceabat because it was extremely tranquil and the people were very friendly and helpful.

    After a 3 course Turkish dinner you can choose to do what you want. If you want a bit more action or even to skip dinner at the hotel, a ferry leaves Eceabat every hour for Canakkale and you can take a 30 minute ferry ride and have a plethora of restaurants to choose from very close to the wharf, the ferry ride is about 6 TL.

    The next morning you have breakfast before heading out for a full day tour of Gallipoli. I can't say I am a fan of the Turkish breakfast, however, I am sure if you asked for a continental or English breakfast (minus the pork) the staff would be most accomodating..

    The battlefields tour was amazing, our guide Jospeh was well informed and imparted a great deal of knowledge of each site. The Gallipoli Pennisular is large, there are many historical sites and he was able to give detailed information on each site and battle - just a great experience.

    At the sites you can take time to absorb the environment and history and you are not rushed, our driver George even made us cups of tea.

    On the full day tour, breakfast and lunch and all entrance fees are included. This is great because you basically don't have to pay for anything once you pay for your trip except alcohol if you want it.

    We returned to Istanbul with our driver (George) who dropped us outside our apartment. I would highly recommend RSL Tours to my friends and family they are a trustworthy, respectable company and all guides are tertiary educated and extremely well informed.

    if I could give you some tips:

    1. If you don't want to stay after dinner in Eceabat travel by ferry to Canakkale, it is lovely on the foreshore and you could have a drink in one of the many restaurants.

    2. There is a bottle shop in town, the owner even opens your bottle of wine - must be used to the Aussies and Kiwis!

    3. Ask for a room with good WIFI, ours worked perfectly, but someone in our group said theirs did not, I cannot confirm this.

    4. Take the two day tour, I think the one day tour would be to long it's at least 4 hours from Istanbul to Eceabat.

    5. Don't expect 5 star hotel accomodation, but the hotel is centrally located, extremely clean, warm in winter and the staff are all friendly and helpful and most speak perfect English.

    6. Pay by cash to avoid a 3% surcharge on your credit card.

    7. If you want alcohol with your dinner, just ask for it, the staff are more than willing to assist.

    All in all, this is a great tour company and we really enjoyed our trip. Thanks to all the staff who are extremely customer centric and cannot do enough for you. I am so glad I booked this tour it made our trip to Turkey all the more memorable.

    Lastly, thank you to Gavin the owner, who took the time to introduce himself to us over lunch, enquired about our experience and stated that if there was anything he or his staff could do to make our trip better to inform him.

    Gavin, you have wonderful staff, the people we encountered really made our trip a wonderful experience. Thank you to Joseph our guide - you were just wonderful.

    Marcos Houston
    We originally booked a single day troy tour departing Istanbul where we were staying on in Canakkale on conclusion of the tour. The organiser was more than accommodating this, and when we decided to use them to do the full day tour of Gallipoli the next day, went out of their way to accommodate us. What was supposed to be a group tour ended up being a private tour due to being low tourist season. Our guide Hussein was exceptionally knowledgeable and provided in depth history and detail throughout the day. He provided an awesome perspective on the typical Australian taught facts and was able to quickly help us track down the name of a relative in the Nek war cemetery. Would highly recommend this tour.

    Jimmy Poole
    We enjoyed a well organised day trip to Gallipoli from Istanbul. We would have liked to have had a 2day with 1 overnight stay tour but our schedule did not permit. I wondered if such a short trip would be worth it - and I was very pleased with having decided to go on the tour. It was a well run group - the driver was an expert especially noticeable when driving around the narrow streets of Sultanahmet to collect and deliver back the guests. Joseph the tour guide was also knowledgeable and helpful.

    Dustin Ballard
    We did a two day tour out of Istanbul with RSL Tours to visit Gallipoli and the ancient city of Troy. Communication about trip itineraries, pickup times and locations etc. were timely and thorough. We opted for the two day tour as the trip from Istanbul is 5-6 hours each way and we felt that was a lot of travel on a one day tour. The two days went like clockwork with trips being well organised - yet not constantly having the feeling of being rushed. Picking up people from hotels for an hour before leaving the city was a bit of a pain (particularly with Istanbul traffic) but we simply treated it like another city tour of Istanbul - and it passed quickly. Overnight accommodation at the hotel aligned with RSL, was clean and comfortable - and right alongside the waterfront. The service in the hotel and restaurant was quick and courteous, although the food did become a little repetitive over the two days. The tour guides for Troy (1/2 day) and Gallipoli (full day) were enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Our guide for Gallipoli was Hasan and he not only had a huge knowledge and understanding of the Turkish perspective but had also thoroughly researched the ANZAC, British and Allied sides. The information he shared was done with respect for all parties and the background stories he shared helped give us a much broader understanding and clearer picture, of the events leading up to and during the Gallipoli campaign. We would highly recommend this tour from RSL tours

    Johnathan Grant
    We had a wonderful 2 days with RSL looking at Troy on day one and both British and ANZAC sectors on day two. Whilst the 5 hour bus journey itself is pretty gruelling it was well worth it for the experience. Both of the tour guides were excellent and highly knowledgeable on ancient troy and the Gallipoli Campaign. After the journey from Istanbul and the trip to Troy we returned to Ecebat and spent the night in the accomodation provided. Whilst it was not the Ritz or Waldorf, we found it all perfectly acceptable and clean for an overnight stay. On the second day in the morning we visited the British sector of the Gallipoli campaign. This was particularly poignant as a relative is buried in Lancashire Landings Cemetery. We had been concerned as the CWGC had advised that it was not possible to get to the cemetery due to ongoing road resurfacing. Despite a difficult road our guide and driver managed to get us to the cemetery so we could complete our act of rememberance. Im sure many lesser companies would not even have attempted it ! The afternoon was spent visiting the key sites associated with the ANZACs. Unfortunately my wife fell ill during this part, but despite this RSL really demonstrated their concern and care for their clients. The guide arranged a vehicle to come and collect us and return us to the hotel. We were given a room in which to shower and rest. We would have absolutely no hesitation in using RSL again, nor in recommending them to others. Thank You to Olimpia and Ash, you could not have done more for us.

    Juana Logan
    Highly recommend this tour for anyone who wants to visit the sites of the entire Gallipoli campaign. It starts at the Turkish main memorial, visits the British landing site at Seddulbahir and includes a visit to an interactive centre which gives the Turkish overview of the campaign. The afternoon visits the ANZAC sites which is all other tours include. It is an overnight tour from Istanbul, so the first afternoon is a tour of the remains of Troy, again very interesting as it is quite a big site. Both guides were interested in their subjects, able to answer any questions, very knowledgeable, patient, friendly. The bus trip from Istanbul was comfortable and as I was last to be dropped off on our return, I had a very interesting drive around Istanbul. If you want to get a good overview of the Gallipoli campaign, this is the tour to take

    Bobby Malone
    My son and I had the opportunity to visit Cannakale & Gallipoli in Turkey between 17th and 19th June 2014. We caught the coach from Istanbul to Cannakale using Istanbul Seyahat, they have an office in the Otogar, the staff are very helpful. We had booked the return ticket but had to amend that to return a day earlier. The staff sorted this with no problems and no additional cost. The coach was on time, seat numbers are allocated, the coaches are very comfortable and have personal TV sets built into the headrest of the seat in front with a variety of movies and TV programmes to watch (in Turkish of course). The journey took about 6 hours from Istanbul to Canakkale with a number of stops en route to pick up and drop off passengers. The coach journey terminated at Canakkale Otogar, but a minibus took us into the town. We stayed at Yellow Rose Pensiyon (near the clock tower and Anzac hotel). The owners and staff are very friendly and very helpful. The rooms are basic but clean and a Turkish breakfast is included (a selection of fresh bread, meats, cheese, salad, cake, teat, coffee etc.). The Hotel also has an interesting collection of (safe) battlefield relics. A double en suite room cost 200 TL for two nights (approx £55, just over £13 each per night!, excellent value). We booked a half day tour of the Gallipli Battlefield through Yellow Rose Pensiyon. The tour cost us 80 TL each (£22) and tok in the ANZAC zone of the campain. The owner walked us to the ferry, a two minute walk from Yellow Rose, and sorted the crossing for us. The ferry takes about 20 minutes to cross to Eceabat, we were met at the ferry and taken to the Grand Eceabat Hotel, again only a two minute walk where we had lunch I the roof top restaurant which was excellent, and waited for our tour guide from RSL Tours. Our guide from RSL Tours was Hasan. Hasan is very friendly and very knowledgeable. He is clearly very passionate about the battlefield and presents the tour very well. He produced a variety of documents, maps and photos which made the experience very informative and thoroughly absorbing. Hasan presented the facts as they are, despite a number of Australian guests, he did not “flower” anything up to pander to any particular group and dispelled any myths about the campaign with hard facts. The campaign was presented from both sides of the conflict. Although only half a day, Hasan fitted in so much and gave me so much understanding of the campaign without rushing everyone from site to site. Unforunately, I only had time for the half day tour, and even though Hasan had put in a lot of work on that tour, he offered to continue the tour that evening to show us the British side of the campaign. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I was unable to take Hasan up on his offer. I do, however, intend to go back to Canakkale and take a more detailed tour. I will be looking Hasan up to conduct that tour. I would be happy to pass on any information about this trip, including a few good places to eat (and drink!) to those that are interested. thank you Grand Eceabat Hotel, but a special thank you to Hasan at RSL Tours.

    Shawn Gibbs
    We felt a need to visit Gallipoli and having done some research found that RSL offered a 2 day trip from Istanbul that not only covered Troy, but also included a full day over the Gallipoli peninsular. Our pick-up and drop-off service went to schedule; bus driver and escort doing a great job. Our trip to Troy was fantastic with our wonderful guide Burak coaxing stories out of walls of stone that mesmerised us. Hasan was equally well versed in the harrowing tales of Gallipoli and we found the experience a most moving one. It was well worth the additional time to appreciate and understand the campaign as a whole. I warily booked this tour over the net. Ash was quick to respond to my queries and always helpful. The hotel we stayed in was neat and clean and the meals simple but tasty. I chose grilled fish for dinner and it was beautifully fresh. All in all, a fantastic two day tour and very well organised. Worth every cent!

    Shelly Johnston
    Had a great experience for the price we paid and time we spent on the tour. Very friendly and informative guide. (However at times understanding his English was tough) but with the prior knowledge my partner and I had about the gallipoli part of ww1 it wasnt a major let down. If I had my time again I would opt for a full day tour to experience the museum which includes simulations and diary entries etc. lunch and transport was great. Would recommend this company to any family and friends who plan on heading over.

    Francis George
    We spent two days in Cannakale visiting Troia with excellent and humorous guide Burak and then WWI sites with Hasan. Both guides were extremely knowledgeable having tertiary qualifications in Tourism and speaking English with fluency. Stayed overnight at very comfortable motel and tour included pickup at our hotel in Istanbul and return in comfortable minibus with plenty of comfort stops. Gallipolli is an important site for Turkish people and we had the priviledge of seeing the Turkish War Memorial and touring the new Simulation Museum. Highly recommended.

    Melvin Roy
    Excellent and informative tour

    Went on 2 day tour (Troy and Gallipoli) both guides (Burak and Hasan) were very friendly, informative and excellent tour guides. Both days were comprehensive and very informative. Gallipoli tour included both Turkish and Australian battlefields and the Turkish 'simulation experience' which gave a history of the battle from the Turkish perspective. Tour included buses from instanbul, breakfast, lunch and accommodation. I highly recommend this tour.

    Vernon Nunez
    Oli was prompt to reply to our enquiry and the information we received was clear. The booking process was simple and everything about the pickup & all arrangements went smoothly and exactly as we expected. Our journey from Istanbul south was comfortable. The first afternoon was Troia guided by the experienced and entertaining Burak. He took us around the south of the Gallipoli peninsula on Day Two morning. Then Hassan guided us in the afternoon on the battlefields further north. These were of particular interest to us as New Zealanders. Both guides were brilliant. They knew their history and they brought the information and the places to life for us and our children (10 and 16). We were very impressed with RSL tours and would recommend them. I just wish we be there for ANZAC day!

    Clifton Simpson
    Traveling with kids this tour company was outstanding. We went on a Troy and full-day Gallipoli tour and the standard of guides is outstanding (especially Emre). All qualified with University degrees relevant to the historical context. The hotel (for overnight stay) is not five star but it is very clean with great sized rooms (even with 3 kids). However even more amazing was the service we received when our daughter became unwell. Oli the tour coordinator accompanied me to the doctor to translate; another staff member came to the hospital and stayed until the evening to translate; we couldn't travel back to Istanbul as planned and the hotel gave food to our older children (complimentary) and cared for them until our return. They refused payment for our extra night of accommodation and arranged alternative travel back to Istanbul for us. I believe that they are a company of genuine good will and I would strongly recommend them to anyone. I would especially recommend the FULL DAY Gallipoli tour as you see not only areas of Australian significance but also British and Turkish areas. The new Canakkle Simulation Centre is a MUST for adults and children alike. Kids absolutely loved it.

    Kristy Simmons
    RSL were the only company I could find that did tours of both the ANZAC and British/French beaches. I was not disappointed. The coach arrived early at our hotel in Istanbul and the journey to Eceabat long but comfortable with a nice breakfast. Lunch was OK as was the hotel for the overnight stay. The guide was friendly, knowledgeable of both landing areas and took us to many interesting places. We did not feel rushed at any time. Overall we felt the tour was very well organised, the coaches comfortable and all things considered good value for money.

    Tabitha Walters
    My two-day tour of Gallipoli and then Troy was super, with friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable guides, Hasan Gundogar (Gallipoli) and Baruc (sp? Troy). They were both giving of their knowledge and delivered the tours also with humour and a keenness to understand the cultures of the tourist. I stayed overnight in Canakkale, and Hasan showed me to the boat at Eceabat, Baruc met me on the other side and the hotel - Grand Anzac - was ideal for the one-night stay, with breakfast included. I travelled back the next morning and at Hasan's excellent suggestion made my way to the Gallipoli Simulation Centre. As it was off-season and a Monday, I was the only one there first thing and the staff were friendly and helpful, essentially giving me my own guided simulation show. The formal tours delivered by Hasan and Baruc displayed their knowledge and passion for Gallipoli and Troy respectively, suported with very good pictures and documents, I would recommend the two-day trip to anyone. I booked via Gallipoli Tours and Mehmet Fidan there was a great communicator and very helpful.

    Robyn Munoz
    I stayed overnight in eceabat and did a full day tour of the south end of the gallipoli penninsula and anzac cove. Both morning and afternoon guides were great and very good value for money.

    Theodore Mitchell

    We left Istanbul at around 6 am and arrived in Eceabat around lunch time (part of a two day tour). We did the Gallipoli tour the next day and our tour guide was Hasan who started the tour at Kilitbahir Castle a fortress on the west side of the Dardanelles - which made sense once we were in Gallipoli Cove.

    From there we travelled to what Hasan explained as the proposed landing site. The information provided was interesting. From here we travelled to Anzac Cove. To fully grasped what our diggers experienced on the landing we walked from one cemetry along the beach to the Anzac Memorial site, dedicated to the Aussie diggers and with the Sphinx in full view.

    Through Hasan's narrative my respect and insurmountable awe of the Aussie & Kiwi diggers escalated at each stop until we reached Chunuk Bair. I was amazed to hear of the friendships formed between the Aussies/ Kiwis & their enemy (the Turks) during the battle - perhaps we can all learn from this.

    With a guide we were provided that added information - eg. the time, conditions encountered by the Anzacs when they landed, the actual trenches illustrated in the movie Gallipoli (starring Mel Gibson), the layout of cemetries - Aussies overlooking the sea, Kiwis overlooking the land, Turks at Chunuk Bair etc.

    Lance Welch
    The tour guide Hasan is definitely the resident expert on the battle and has a true historian's sense of the place. He takes an objective view of all sides and interprets the facts based on their merit. His easy presentation style and visual aids paint a clearer picture than you might otherwise get. Very much encourage everyone to spend the night in Eceabat so you can also see the southern landing zones of the British and French at the tip of the peninsula, as well as take in some magnificent views of the Hellespont.

    Delia Young
    Can't imagine a better way of doing Gallipoli and Troy in 2 days when you're staying in Istanbul... Hasan is a fantastic guide in Gallipoli. The Hotel in Eceabat is very good too. In Troy we could have used a little more time for pictures etc.

    Isabel Berry

    Day tour from Istanbul to Gallipoli. Great value for money with sufficient time on-site to gain an insight to the area and the campaign. Escort guide and military history guide were friendly and knowledgeable.


    - 630 am pickup from Istanbul (Old Town). - 1100 pm (approx) return to Istanbul.

    - 4 hours (approx) spent exploring the Gallipoli campaign sites.

    Carole Pope
    Excellent day trip for Gallipoli . Lovely friendly guides with excellent English and safe drivers. Tour was well timed with lots of information. Plenty of opportunities to stop for food or bathroom. Well recommended!

    Lester Hudson

    First I couldn't give a deposit, no worries, then I couldn't do the day that I asked for, no worries.

    From pick up to drop off the whole crew was fantastic. Our driver took us on a shortcut thru a small rural town as the roads were very busy. Seeing the country side and shaving 30 odd minutes off the drive was worth the couple of bumps. Plus we seen a country side that is hidden to people taking the main track. Although the bus had 10 people on board,I had Hasan as my guide for the day. He talked not only about the ANZAC perspective but gave an insight to the Turkish side. Very informative and explained things well. Brekky and lunch was included in the day and it was more than I expected, lunch was quite good. Turkish style, and while not to everyone's taste, it suited me just fine. Getting there and back was half the fun.

    I would recommend RSL to my friends.

    Forrest Reid
    Absolutely nothing could fault the tour we had with RSL Tours. We did the Anzac tour to Anzac Cove and other areas on the Gallipoli Peninsula; the most informative tour. We were given a great history of WWI happenings here and visited lots of landmarks in the area. In addition we were supplied with all meals on the tour and our needs were always met. If you're looking to do a Gallipoli tour or any other tours in this region RSL Tours should be your first choice. It's worth noting they were also the cheapest option available, excellent value for money.

    Matt Jordan
    After much deliberation we did the Day Trip to Gallipoli with RSL Tours. It was a good decision! Our guide was so passionate about giving great & correct information & the day was all we expected. The headphones were a real bonus as it is not a recorded commentary but the guide talking so you don't all have to gather close to him in order to be able to hear! RSL also went out of their way to help one of our fellow passengers find his uncle's grave - to the point of taking him to a different area of Gallipoli after the tour finished & then bringing him to our rest stop location to re-join our group for the transfer back to Istanbul! Re the food on the way back - it's a highway service station rest stop & yes the food is extremely ordinary & expensive for what it is, so I would suggest you take something with you, if possible or just get some fruit.

    Bradley Lynch

    We booked this tour because of advice read on TripAdvisor and we weren't disappointed. It is a long day starting at 630am and returning to Istanbul at 1030pm (earlier than the advertised 1130pm).

    The trip out from Istanbul was comfortable and included a breakfast stop which was satisfactory (non really designed for a Kiwi/Aussie/British palate) and sufficient comfort stops. Lunch was a delicious buffet, but we did spend a long time afterwards waiting for the actual tour of Gallipoli to begin.

    The actual tour of Gallipoli was the highlight of our trip to Istanbul. The ANZAC guide was extremely knowledgeable about WW1 and the ANZAC involvement. He provided a steady flow of facts, stories and ideas without flooding us with information and answered all our questions.

    The guide went out of his way to take us to Hill 60 where a relative of ours is commemorated, and we were exceptionally grateful for this.

    The trip back was long and the location we stopped at for dinner was just a petrol station cafe (adequate) but too short a time.

    This tour was the highlight of our trip to Istanbul and we would definitely recommend RSL Tours for anyone wanting to make the pilgrimage to Gallipoli.

    Kent Rose
    We went on a 1 day trip to Gallipoli, which was very hard travel, and quite honestly, we should have spent another day there. Luckily we took the tour in a private bus with RSL. Left at 7am and got back after 10pm. Our guide was superb, with a fantastic knowledge of the battle, and very balanced feedback from both sides in the conflict. We truly got value for money, and would recommend this operator highly.

    Irving Walsh

    Amazing guide very very knowledgeable. Very flexible as we wanted to change things last minute and nothing was a problem!

    Thank you so so much Yusaf

    Christie Barker
    Our guide Hasan was informative, respectful, appropriately light and gave an excellent performance. The pick-up and return to our hotel was effective and the lunch before the tour was first class. The driver was also first class. I highly recommend this tour.

    Lindsey Price
    We had a great day with RSL Tours on a one day tour to Gallipoli. We were picked up from our hotel in Sultanahmet at 6.45am, and dropped back at 11.45pm. It was a long day but definitely do-able. We were really impressed at how the tour was run, we were kept informed about what was going on and when we were stopping for breaks etc throughout the whole day. We stopped twice on the 5 hour drive to Eceabat, breakfast was included and was traditional Turkish breakfast with the opportunity to purchase other Turkish food if required. We arrived at Eceabat and had a tasty lunch, also included in the tour price, before heading out on our tour with Yusef, which lasted 5 hours. Yusuf was great, he had a lot of knowledge and delivered it without favouring the Turkish side. He had excellent english, and was very interesting and easy to listen to. We covered a lot of places but had adequate time in each place to have a look around and take photos, and never felt rushed. It was nice to see Yusef come off the bus with us at each stop, rather than another tour company we saw where the guide stayed on the bus talking to the driver. The day was long but we had a good amount of breaks and refreshment stops and I have no complaints at all. Dinner wasn't included but was standard inexpensive Turkish food. Email response from the company while booking was quick. Highly recommend this company for a day tour to Gallipoli from Istanbul.

    Agnes Wise
    Day tour from Istanbul with stop for lunch first in Eceabat. Drinks and snacks were provided on the bus. Lunch was on the top of a waterfront hotel with an amazing view of the Dardanelles. We had about a four to five hour tour of various battlefield sites by a very knowledgeable guide. It did not feel rushed. We returned to the aforementioned hotel for tea before heading back to Istanbul. My only complaint was the fact that breakfast and dinner were at roadside gas station/restaurant/hotel - bad cafeteria style food in a truckstop-like environment.

    Evan Day
    My family and I, which inlcuded a 9 and 10 year old undertook a number of Gallipoli Peninsula tours with RSL. Firstly they were the first of the Gallipoli tour companies to respond to my emails, they designed tours around our travelling needs. From pick up in Istanbul to drop off 5 days later they were nothing but helpful, courteous, on time and accommodating. It became clear to us that you could not achieve what you wanted to from an ANZAC perspective in just 1 day, let alone 1 day ex Istanbul. To that end we did a full day tour of the peninsula then a one day walking tour in the Kiwi sector finishing with a swim at North Beach. This walking tour really bought the ANZAC experience home. Hasan was our guide and George was our driver for the time we were there. They were both incredibly hospitable, informative, great with the children and always open to questions and doing as much for us as they could. I cannot speak highly enough of this company. If you are reading this please, please do justice to the ANZAC and Turkish soldiers, allow yourself sufficient time to absorb the experience, the one day trip from Istanbul will never do that. In saying that though if 1 day is all you have then it is worth doing, just remember it will be rushed.

    Grady Rodgers
    RSL Tours offer an amazing tour of Gallipoli. It was more than we could have hoped for, and to top it off, their service is exemplary. We encountered some problems of our own after arriving in Turkey, which meant that we may not have been able to make the tour. One email to RSL Tours only two days before our tour date however, completely resolved all our issues. The staff were incredibly generous and understanding. We could not have hoped for better. The tour itself was incredible and our tour guide was enormously knowledgeable making the tour so much more worthwhile. This was definitely been a highlight of our trip.

    Kyle Mason
    It was a long day, but a worthwhile day. Picked up at our hotel in Istanbul at 645 am and dropped back at 1130pm. Yep it was a long day, but as our knowledgeable guide Hasan said, it took our ancestors 6 months by sea to get to Anzac Cove, so 5 hours for us was easy. True. A great day, Hasan's knowledge of the campaign is impressive and I would not hesitate to say he would have to be the best Gallipoli Guide in the business. I would have no hesitation in recommending RSL Tours to anyone wanting a tour to the Gallipoli Peninsula.

    Armando Robbins
    Congratulations to RSL Tours for our well planned and smooth day tour of the Gallipoli battlefields. We were picked up at our hotel in Istanbul at 7.00 am and arrived in Eceabat on the Gallipoli Peninsular just before lunch. Our trip had been very comfortable in an air-conditioned coach. We stopped a couple of times, once for breakfast and another time for the coach to buy fuel (which doubled as a pit stop). At Eceabat we were provided with lunch and were introduced to our guide for the day, Yusef. After lunch we were transferred to a smaller coach and commenced the tour. We stopped about 9 times at various locations . At each stop Yusef would describe the battles that took place in the area or the points of interest, with a depth knowledge and expertise. He was a great guide with a fine sense of humour. His input certainly added to the experience. We visited mainly Turkish, Australian and New Zealand sites during the day. As Australians we were particularly interested in Anzac Cove, Lone Pine, Johnsons Jolly, the New Zealand memorial and smaller cemeteries. We could not help but to be impressed by the magnificent main Turkish memorial. There were many emotional moments during the day, particularly on reading Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s beautiful message to mothers who had lost sons on the Gallipoli battlefields. Even though the whole area was witness to ferocious fighting, I felt a sense of peace and tranquility pervading the scene today. We were constantly reminded of the terrible sacrifice on both sides and the futility of the campaign. Our journey back to Istanbul commenced at about 5.30pm and after stopping for tea we were dropped off at our hotel at about 11.30 pm, tired, but glad we had made the effort.

    Mack Medina

    Our guide (I think his name might have bern Hassan) blew me out of the water with his knowledge and detail. I really valued his evidence based explanations about all aspects of the gallipoli campaign. It felt like we were talking to a historian who specialises on this topic.

    It was a long day, but it didn't feel like it because the organization of the hotel pick up and transport was easy and seamless.

    Just beware the free breakfast is not much more than hard boiled eggs, toast and tea/coffee. The rest is extra.

    Overall, I was really glad we booked with RSL tours. There were no Gallipoli Myths or legends purported here, only stories that were corroborated by records, diaries, and official documents etc etc.

    Archie Hoffman
    On 26 April 2015 we did a tour of Gallipoli with Joseph (Yusef) and Ahmed (the best bus driver in Europe!). Joseph was a young, extremely knowledgeable, guide who knew the history of the Anzacs and Turks equally which made for a very interesting day. At the end of our tour our bus broke down but by the time we offloaded two mini buses arrived so we could carry on to lunch. Brilliant!!! We would highly recommend RSL!!

    Grant Anderson
    I highly recommend RSL Tours, and the guide, Hasan. The trip went very smoothly (be prepared for two long bus rides). Hasan was polite, knowledgeable, and tactful. He told both sides of the Gallipoli story with respect and insight. I learned a lot and did not feel the experience had been 'sold out' to tourism.

    Gerard Schwartz

    We had decided we couldn't visit Istanbul and not Gallipoli. I had researched our options eventually settling on a one day return trip from Istanbul to Gallipoli with RSL Day Tours. I was worried about the coordination of the pickup process as we weren't staying at a hotel but the bus was collected us just after the specified time as it was delayed due to traffic. There were about 30 people on the bus after all the pickups, some doing the day trip with us and others doing longer trips and travelling with their luggage.

    The trip to Eceabat took about 4.5 hours, which included a couple of bathroom stops. We were provided cheese sandwiches, juice and tea/coffee on the bus for breakfast but we just had the juice as we had eaten in our apartment. We were provided with lunch at a hotel in Eceabat which was unremarkable but we weren't on the tour for the food. After lunch, those on the afternoon Gallipoli tour piled on the bus and Hassan, our guide introduced himself.

    Our first stop was a little to the south of Eceabat at the Narrows. Here we could see the fortifications on each side of the Dardanelles that blocked the British navy from reaching Istanbul. The next stop was to show us a reconstructed example of one of the guns used. After this introduction, we clearly understood the goal of the land invasion - to destroy these fortifications, which would enable the navy to clear the mines and open the strait.

    We were then driven to the western side of the Gallipoli Peninsula to the area where the Australian and New Zealand troops were meant to land and actually landed. Hassan explained all the theories about what went wrong with the initial landings and said we could each decide which theory to believe. Anzac Cove was small and in the process of having the beach reinforced. We could not walk on it. We could, however, imagine the soldiers landing there and being faced with a steep difficult climb to the first ridge. A little further north, we were able to visit a beachside cemetery and walk along the beach to Long Beach where we could see the preparations for the dawn service in a couple of weeks. From here, we visited another beachside cemetery which included the the grave of John Simpson. We then were driven to Lone Pine; Hassan pointing various points of interest on the drive inland. The ground is a mass of ridges and gullies and it was clearly understandable why it was such a difficult theatre of war. At Lone Pine, there was a cenotaph and more graves. Just behind, we were able to see the remains of some of the trenches. We also visited the Turkish 57th Infantry Regiment Memorial and Chunuk Bair, the New Zealand Memorial. We came away with a much better understanding of the Gallipoli Campaign.

    We had a toilet break back at Eceabat and then a 4.5 hour trip back to Istanbul. A long day, but I am pleased we did it. I would certainly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to do a day trip from Istanbul.

    Joseph Waters

    Fully recommend this tour.

    As per previous reviews, yes it is a long day but don't let that put you off.

    We were picked up at 6.30 and only had 7 people on the mini bus out to the peninsula. Apparently the 2 days before there were 19 and 26 people. The 'breakfast' included was a 'gas station' type sandwich. It was edible. But we had been warned of this and had packed snacks/fruit to fill the gap. They could serve tea/coffee on the bus as well.

    The bus stopped once on the way.

    We got to the hotel for lunch just before midday. We had a decent lunch in hotel restaurant. Great views. It was nice and relaxing. Not at all rushed. Some people then went off on the Troy tour and there were 8 of us on the Gallipoli afternoon tour with Hasan.

    Hasan was a great guide and was so passionate. There was a bit of driving around in a mini bus and a bit of walking. Nothing too strenuous. The tour covered Anzac Cove down by the beach and the Aussie and Kiwi memorials which were inland and up hill a bit. Stunning scenery and a great day.

    We started to feet tired around 6ish which was fine as we could relax in the bus on the way home. We stopped once and were able to buy some hot food. The mini bus was comfortable and fairly new.

    Booking was done through email. Didn't encounter any problems.

    Iris Duncan
    We did the 1-day Gallipoli tour from Istanbul. The ride was long but it was well worth it! Our guide Hassan was very knowledgeable about the battle and was genuinely interested and passionate about it. It made you want to learn more! We went on a beautiful sunny day, it could not be any more perfect. Great trip, would highly recommend.

    Derrick Lee
    For the most insightful and passionate view of what happened when, where and why on the entire Gallipoli Peninsular take the tour with RSL TOURS and request Hassan as your guide. You won't be disappointed.

    Stewart Conner

    I travelled from Istanbul to the Gallipoli battlefields on 17.3.15 with RSL Tours. I was picked up at my hotel at the arranged time by minibus. There was a small group on board who were picked up from other hotels. From the beginning the RSL agent informed us of our itinerary for the day. He then offered all on board soft drinks, tea or coffee etc. he offered this service numerous times on both legs of the journey. After a few hours we stopped at Eceabat for lunch. There was time to have a walk on the seafront where there is a man size reproduction of opposing trenches during the war. This display is well worth seeing.

    A fine lunch was provided in the Eceabat Hotel.

    After lunch our guide Yusuf Kirca informed us of our various destinations .

    At each of the many locations we visited Yusuf informed us of the history in a completely unbiased and informative manner.

    Yusuf also invited those on the tour to contribute any information they had if they so wished.

    After the tour of we returned to Eceabat and departed for Istanbul arriving at approx 22.30.

    This is a worthwhile tour for anyone interested in military history.

    Ashley Bennett
    This is a well priced tour. We took the one day travel from Istanbul to Gallipoli Tour. If I was doing it again I would take the overnight stay.The bus trip is a long 5 hour trip with a further 4-6 hour return trip. The organisation went as planned with the bus picking us up at our hotel on time.There was only two of us on the tour, so we got to eceabat early and were given the option of visiting the Simulation Centre at no extra charge. After lunch which was supplied our guide Hassan then took us on the tour of the battlefields. His knowledge was exceptional and obvious that he had researched the material over many years as a guide, but also the material he supplied to reinforce his assumptions on what took place from both a Turkish and Australian perspective were excellent. It was a great tour. All involved in the organisation were excellent

    Ida Howard
    This is the way to experience Gallipoli.The staff and guides are fantastic, friendly, full of historical knowledge and respect. Every detail was thought through and accommodated for- from dawn to dusk.

    Tiffany Torres
    Loved this tour esp. the extremely knowledgable tour guide. So glad I did this tour and found it extremely valuable. Would recommend this to anyone wanting to see Gallipoli. You learn so much and appreciate so much.

    Carmelina Barrow
    This tour proved to be a great way to visit Gallipoli. The tour guides were very friendly, the drivers were good, and the Merceedes van very comfortable. Olimpia was very easy to deal with during the booking process. Breakfast on way down was tasty.

    Melaine Stpierre
    Don't book with any other tour company' we had a very knowledgleable guide, who took us to places that the larger buses cannot access, also gave us another view into the Gallopli story, we werer very impressed, long day if you are staying in Istanbul

    Tasia Darby
    Joseph from RSL tours was AMAZING as a tour guide - he really knew all bout the area and the history, and brought the stories we learnt at school alive. He was genuinely happy for us when we were able to locate our family member in the Lone Pine cemetery. It was a loooooong drive from Istanbul (11 hours round trip, usually 10 hours, but 11 on our day because of the snow), so I would recommend staying near Gallipoli and doing the tour from there. Make sure you go to the loo before you get on the bus, because it is several hours between loo stops.

    Daniel Hanley
    An excellent tour. Olimpia was extremely helpful and her communication was prompt every time. We took the tour from Canakkale and we had someone meet us at our hotel to put us on the ferry. We were met by Olimpia on the other side and started with a very enjoyable lunch. Then the tour with Joseph was very good with excellent commentary as we went to all the significant sites. Gave us a real appreciation of what the soldiers on both sides of the conflict went through, especially when it began snowing. I would thoroughly recommend RSL tours

    Annett Bolduc
    I would definitely recommend the 1day tour of Gallipoli. Yusef is a walking encyclopedia of facts. His knowledge on both sides of the campaign was well spoken and presented.

    Misha Wolf
    My dad had always wanted to go to Gallipoli so I found this excursion online with positive reviews and booked. The trip far exceeded the expectations I had thanks to both Joseph (our guide) and George (our driver). Aside from his passion and knowledge, Joseph made sure my mum (who walks slowly and has some trouble with stairs) didn't feel rushed or like she was holding everyone up, and George also took care of her throughout the two days. I could not recommend this tour more to anyone and a HUGE thankyou to both Joseph and George for their kindness, patience and knowledge - you really made this a very memorable trip to very special place. (Note: trip was done with elderly parents and my partner)

    Barbie Bachman

    I did a group day tour from Istanbul to Gallipoli and it was a great experience. There was a lot of driving, but once we got to Eceabat and the tour began it was clear that the trip had been worth it.

    There were about 10 stops across the Gallipoli peninsula and being a group of all Aussies, the guide showed us sites of particular importance to Australia. Our guide Yusuf (aka. Jospeh ;)) spoke English well and was very knowledgable, explaining what happened here from a neutral perspective and answering all of our questions. I particularly liked how patient he was - even when we took longer in certain locations than he wanted us to he never told us to hurry up.

    As an Australian, I think it was a worthwhile experience to visit the very place where the Anzacs fought proudly and where the Anzac legend was created. The trip also got me to think and has influenced my perspective and understanding of WWI.

    My only criticism is the food. Breakfast and lunch were included, but not dinner. Lunch was fine but breakfast was minimal at best, and the place we stopped for dinner charged rather extortionate prices (by Turkish standards) for average food.

    Viki Holley
    My boyfriend & I had a great day trip to Gallipoli from Istanbul. It was a very moving experience, particularly being two young Australians. Joseph our guide was Turkish. Joseph gave us a great tour around the area, was very knowledgeable & had a good sense of humor. It was very interesting to go to gallipoli to see for yourself the terrain that our soldiers endured. The RSL tour takes you to a lot of information about the Australians & NZ soliders. Olympia who organises the tours was very helpful & prompt in her responses to my questions. The only negative about the day was the food, particularly the breakfast as it was very limited.

    Burl Hay
    RSL Tours collected us at dockside Istanbul for a day's visit to the ANZAC section of the Peninsula - what a day! Our guide, Burak, was a most insightful guide - his knowledge of and respect for the ANZAC troops was palpable. This is a hard review to write - such a moving day and so many impressions and memories which cannot possibly give any insight into the carnage and courage of so many young men on each side. I cannot but recommend that you see for yourself. Should you go, I strongly recommend RSL Tours - professional, knowledgeable and reliable, communications were excellent in organising beforehand and we felt it was very good value for the money. For this Australian - a 'must go' - just wish we had had more time. I am also glad I researched quite a lot on ANZAC history before our visit - it certainly helped to understand and 'place' the actions and events. A very powerful and moving experience to tread where those soldiers foug

    Janna Gatlin
    We went on the Galipolli 1 day trip from Istanbul. It was a great (albeit very long) day! We got picked up very early from hotel and made our way around town to pick up some others.. After a 4-5hrs drive (and a stop for breakfast) we arrived in the area of Galipolli for some lunch. We spent around 4 hrs looking at the memorials, battlefields and hearing stories of the Anzacs (on and off the bus in that time)! It was great hearing the stories and facts and seeing all of it in front of you! Something I am very glad I did as an Australian! It is quite a long day from Istanbul as we did not get back until about 10:30pm but I think it was well worth it for an experience which I won't be forgetting in a hurry! Rsl made the whole trip very easy with quick correspondence for booking and even calling us the night before to remind us to put our clocks back for the end of daylight savings in turkey!! Would recommend this to anyone wanting to do a quick trip to Galipolli!

    Liliana True
    Top trip with great guides to show you the way and explain the battle in english, this is a no rush sort of trip with plenty of time to poke around and explore areas.Only advice is to take food with you as the trip is a long drive from Istanbul 5-6hrs and the stop along the way food is average. Pick up from the hotel was seamless and without hassle, they rung in advance to confirm pick up time and location.

    Sylvie Gallagher

    We did the group tour which was a day trip from Istanbul. I booked it a couple of days earlier online and got a response back from RSL within 30 mins. Each time I had a query they were very quick to respond; they even phoned our hotel the night before to confirm pick up time. I was very impressed with their tour. It was very well organised and run. I had read reviews about other companies in which people had changed buses on way to Gallipoli cost and had to wait at Ataturk airport for pickups. The bus we were picked up in took us all the way to the Eceabat where we had lunch and the group split up into those doing Troy and those doing Gallipoli. The driver and his "helper" were very nice on the drive from Istanbul, always updating us on when we would stop for breakfast, toilet breaks etc. We were met in Eceabat by their liaison officer who gave us clear directions about the various schedules etc. All ran perfectly!

    Our Guide for Gallipoli was Hassan and his knowledge of ANZAC, British, French and Turkish involvement was very comprehensive and entertaining. His English was excellent (with a little Australia accent!).

    I would definitely recommend this tour company, hassle free and well organised. It is a few euros more than Crowded house but they give discount if you have an ANZAC veteran in your family and I think their base price is worth it.

    Nola Kilpatrick
    Hasan was our gallipoli tour guide. He provided a very comprehensive description of the events that occurred 100 years ago. Enjoyed every second of his commentary.

    Bryon Roe

    Early start from Istanbul to Gallipoli Peninsula. It takes 5 hours to get there with two meal stops on the way. For the early start breakfast was at 9:30 stop and lunch was on arrival at tour depot before the 4 hours around the battlegrounds.

    Our guide Hasan was very knowledgable. He liked a joke and told a good story.

    Interesting to get a another view on the Gallipoli campaign. Hasan has done his study and research - I have found there are strict criteria to become an historical guide in Turkey. We saw all the battle sites, walked the beach at Anzac Cove and the cemeteries. We were given both the Australian and Turkish history. Hasan using his reference as top war correspondent Charles Bean from WWI. On our return down the ridges, Hasan played John Williamson's "And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda". This son made the whole experience very reflective on my day. The bus was silent with a few people sing the chorus quietly and with respect. This tour company is on the Peninsula and the closest to the site, the guides live here.

    This is a long day travelling, but certainly worth it. We arrived back Istanbul at 11:30 pm. The bus guide dropped us off too far away from our motel. Asked to be dropped off close to assembly point if not close to your motel. Being dark on our return it took time to get our bearings. On e we did a safe walk back to motel. The breakfast is self serve with cheese, egg, bread, tea. Coffee extra.

    Lunch set menus, but enough for the afternoon. Take plenty of water. Stops where more can be purchased. Visited here in September -at 4 pm it was 31C. Toilet stops at minimal sites, and not so clean at Turkish Memorial and keep 1Tlira in your pocket for these visits, not just here but all over Turkey. The Gallipoli Peninsula is well with the visit. Very pleased we gave the day to this tour.

    Shantelle Odonnell

    I did a day tour of Gallipoli and it was well worth the long drive from Istanbul. Our guide Hasan was entertaining and very interesting to listen to. He presented lots of historical facts and it is clear that he is passionate about his field.

    We were taken to all the main sites and the importance each stop was explained very clearly. I sometimes find it hard to concentrate on all the information presented in tours but Hasan made sure there was no "information overload" as each explanation was clear concise and very interesting!

    The included meals (breakfast and lunch) were delicious and very filling! Everything about this day was fantastic and I would recommend this tour to anyone!

    Naoma Alcorn

    Our cruise terminated in Istanbul so it was a given that we should visit Gallipoli. Terry is a bit of a war buff so it was of particular interest. We were picked up from our hotel at 0630 and returned about 1130 pm so a long day. Had an unusual breakfast on the way - it's about 5 hours from Istanbul to the starting point of the tour - and then lunch at Kannakale before setting off and a short meal break on the way back

    Our guide Hasan is exceptional. He does not simply reiterate the traditional "wisdom" but has researched from a variety of sources and continues to research daily. He offered to send us details of his research sources, which he has done.

    We visited sites significant to the Turks and the Anzacs. Some of the sites are a lot small than they appear to be when we view the annual commemoration services. Could not recommend this tour and especially the guide Hasan more highly.

    Mckenzie Wyman
    My friend and I did a 1day tour and could not wait to write to say what an unforgettable day it was. From the early morning on time pick up with great driver and pleasant associate, a group of 22 people of mixed ages set off for a day of history. The tour which includes breakfast & lunch in a nice setting atop a rooftop terrace @ RSL Gallipoli Tours offices. We were met by the pleasant & very friendly Olympia and the RSLTeam. Our remarkably knowledgable guide Hassan, who is currently writing a book on the subject, describes both sides with sympathy, honesty and humour. We arrived back at our hotel approx 11.30 pm and reiterate that if you are going to Gallipoli you can't go wrong choosing RSL Gallipoli tours Valda & Pam Sydney OZ

    Skye Valentin

    We had a great day out thanks to RSL tours. Hasan did a wonderful job of progressing us through the battles and presented the war in an unbiased and pleasant manner.

    1. The tour was absolutely worth doing

    2. The team is very well organised and you are completely looked after

    3. I was caught out with the 'open buffet breakfast' as the food was quite sparse and in a general bus/car stop. Would recommend taking some extra food especially if you have child with you! That said, I was sorted out and not left with a hungry child - many thanks.

    4. The day is long so just be ready for it - we were and could just slip our exhAusted 8 yr old into bed at 12:30 am

    Susanna Langdon
    Amazing tour. Our guide Hasan provided us all with stories and accounts from both turkish and australian sources. Was truly a memorable experiance and a must do for all australians

    Steve Foley

    At the end of a 22 day cruise I flew from Rome into Istanbul arriving at midnight on Sunday with plans to do my RSL Tour of Gallipoli on the Monday and fly out back to Rome Tuesday morning. So everything had to go according to plan , I did not have any margin for error. I need not have worried , my airport transfers were there on time and my hotel Amira was fantastic.

    My RSL pick up arrived as advised at 6.45am ( I was last pick up ) and I settled into a comfortable coach for a long drive to Gallipoli. The drive was 327 klms and took about 4 hours. The time went quickly with the countryside quite beautiful , the roads were excellent and we had adequate toilet stops and an open buffet breakfast ( included ) stop. At the town of Eceabat we stopped at the offices of RSL Tours and I met RSL's Olimpia who my travel agent had booked the tour through . Olimpia was lovely and very well organised and very efficient. I can recommend her without hesitation to any prospective clients .We had lunch ( included ) on the roof of the Grand Eceabat Hotel overlooking the Dardanelles.After lunch we joined other travellers who had done longer tours and over nighted locally. We then got onto another bus and then did our wonderful and comprehensive tour of Gallipoli.

    Our tour guide was Hasan Gundogar and he was fantastic . He had done a lot of research on the history of events at Gallipoli and was able to blend this official record with one from the Turkish point of view. The result was fascinating and the four hour tour went too quickly. Hasan showed us maps and photographs and later followed up with an email outlining the various historical records he had studied and referred to in his presentation. Back to Eceabat we changed buses again for the ride back to Istanbul arriving around midnight back at my hotel. Olimpia was there to see us off on our return journey. Again , adequate toilet stops and a stop for dinner ( our cost )

    All up the trip was wonderful as was the efforts of Olimpia , Hasan and RSL . I unreservedly recommend RSL , Olimpia and Hasan , the day was wonderful and the organisation and execution flawless in all respects

    Steve Foley Tasmania Australia

    ps Only regret is that I wished I had stayed in Turkey for longer , it is a fantastic country and it's people so friendly and nice.

    Natividad Niles

    When we went to Istanbul for a few days we did not expect to go to Gallipoli. We did not think we would have enough time. We feared the one day tour would be too rushed to do it justice. We thought perhaps another time. Luckily we changed our minds.

    We were in the centenary of the commencement of the Great War; we had been to the Western Front; we were planning to go to Albany in October to commemorate the departure of the first troops; and we were just too close to miss out on such an important pilgrimage.

    RSL Tours exceeded our expectations. Our transport was punctual and comfortable, our welcome at Eceabat warm, and our guide Hasan a delightful companion.

    Hasan's passion for the Gallipoli conflict is evident in the breadth of his reading and the thoughtfulness of his interpretation of the landscape and the dreadful events it witnessed.

    I had read some of CEW Bean's diaries and was impressed by Hasan's command of the detail of his account.

    His was no ordinary recitation of commonly known facts, but a stimulating engagement with the very process of history. And there was plenty of time too for quiet reflection and grief. It was a long day for sure but not to be missed.

    Hollie Moe
    We did a day tour to Gallipoli from Istanbul and it was fantastic. Organising the trip was very smooth and easy there was great communication and we had quick conformation and responses to any questions. Hasan our tour guide was fantastic! He was friendly, approachable, easy going and had a great sense of humour. Hasan had an enormous amount of information about the area. He was happy to share as much or as little of it as the group seemed to want and answer any questions anyone had. We had a great time and learnt a great deal. We highly recommend touring with RSL Tours, they were fantastic from start to end.

    Cyndy Fultz

    I rated this excellent, based not on the bus trip and the lunch provided, both of which were ok, but on the content when we reached Gallipoli. Our guide Hussein was both very knowledgeable regarding the landings and all aspects of the campaign. He provided a very balanced view and dispelled some myths with very valid argument, backed by a number of photos from the time.

    This is a very moving place, which has been given great importance by the Turkish, not just for their own sites, but those of the allies as well. Remarkable really considering we were invading their country.

    Bettye Bethel

    We booked with RSL after reading TripAdvisor reviews and Ash (and his team) lived up to their press. The pick-up at 6.30am was on-time and efficient, the trip to Eceabat was smooth and uneventful - it is a 4 1/2 hour drive with a stop for breakfast. The one slight improvement could have been giving us a little more detail of what the plan was for breakfast before we stopped, but the driver was polite, friendly and quite helpful when asked. Lunch was provided at Eceabat, and was very good local Turkish style.

    Yousef, our guide for the battlefield tour, was knowledgeable, engaging and friendly. Ash met us back at the base hotel before the trip back to Istanbul and was extremely engaging.

    The content of the day tour was what we expected and covered the Turkish, Australian and Kiwi stories.

    Good value and reliable. Recommended.

    Millard Elrod

    There was a mix up with the dates for our one day tour to Gallipoli (not my fault but I should've checked the voucher) but RSL Tours immediately organised a minivan to take us to catch up with the (full) coach and join the tour so we missed nothing except some sleep. The tour was well organised and the guide helpful.

    My only criticism is that to see things at a pace that allows absorption of the details of the campaign you should really allow 2 days but that was our call. Will know better next time.

    All Australians who go to Turkey should go. Not as the "crucible of the ANZAC spirit" but because 500,000 soldiers were killed with no material gain in a small geographical area and few things demonstrate the madness of wars like this like Gallipoli. Having said that, what the ANZAC (and British, French and Canadian) troops actually achieved against the odds was remarkable).

    Estell Heck

    Fantastic experience!! Wish we had booked with these guys direct instead if going through Gallipoli tours/new deal travel-they were not particularly helpful but as soon as RSL took over at Ecebat we knew we were in good hands. Highly recommend!

    tour so we missed nothing except some sleep. The tour was well organised and the guide helpful.

    My only criticism is that to see things at a pace that allows absorption of the details of the campaign you should really allow 2 days but that was our call. Will know better next time.

    All Australians who go to Turkey should go. Not as the "crucible of the ANZAC spirit" but because 500,000 soldiers were killed with no material gain in a small geographical area and few things demonstrate the madness of wars like this like Gallipoli. Having said that, what the ANZAC (and British, French and Canadian) troops actually achieved against the odds was remarkable).

    Exie Hickman
    This tour from Istanbul was led by Hassan from RSL tours who proved to be a very knowledgable and entertaining tour guide. Also very accommodating including in the tour a trip to a not usually visited war graves site where one of the tour participants has a relative buried. I would recommend this company to anyone who was planning a trip to Gallipoli.

    Wes Lovell
    Fantastic experience!! Wish we had booked with these guys direct instead if going through Gallipoli tours/new deal travel-they were not particularly helpful but as soon as RSL took over at Ecebat we knew we were in good hands. Highly recommend!

    Cathern Angulo
    Like GrahamD and Bella (reviews below) my husband and I went on the one day tour from Istanbul to Gallipoli, of particular interest to me as my grandfather was there in 1915 with the NZ Army. We were so pleased that we had succeeded in having Hasan as our guide, and I endorse all the praise of him by the other reviewers. I also agree about the choice of restaurant stops, but the experience Hasan gave us at Gallipoli itself made the journey and its minor irritations fade into insignificance. He is worth his weight in gold to that company, I hope they pay him well.

    Sharonda Roper
    My sister and I had 3 nights planned stay in Istanbul and the RSL Gallipoli Day Tour was our highlight! From making the booking with Ash over the phone it was simple with no complications. Picked up from our hotel in Istanbul around 7am and returned at 11.30pm....very long day but no regrets! Hasan was our guide and he was fantastic from the word go..very informative in providing different prospectives which made it very interesting, his passion for telling the story was so evident and made this tour very memorable for us. The tour is a long day as the travel time to Gallipoli and back from Istanbul is about 3.5 hours each way however i did not feel we were rushed considering how much they fit into this tour. The only downfall i found was the breakfast which was a stop at a road house which served mainly turkish foods it was definitely NOT appetizing! The Lunch served at the top story of the hotel was fine compared to the breakfast. On the way home we stopped at another road house which seemed to have a little more options than the breakfast stop, i would highly recommend they change the breakfast road house to a different one. However we were not on the tour to eat food but to experience "Gallipoli" and RSL tours well exceeded and i have no hesitations in recommending to my fellow traveller friends!! Thank you RSL for a great tour!

    Myriam Herring

    We took the one day tour of Gallipoli from Istanbul by RSL Tours. Yes, it's a long way to go (there and back) in a bus in a day, but it is worth it. The tour is well organised, starting with rapid replies to my email queries, through pickup and return. Our guide at Gallipoli was Hasan Gundugar who did an impeccable job of initially engaging with those on the tour and then imparting well researched facts and details in such an effective way. Hasan clearly has a passion for the battlefield and it's history, and this showed in the way he counterbalanced the Australian and Turkish perspectives. It was fantastic to see that the well-worn myths that Australians tend to grow up with weren't peddled to the tourists, which would have been so easy. Hasan did a great job in imparting facts based on documentary evidence.

    Obviously, one can't get the complete detailed tour in a single half day, so more than a day is required to really do the place justice, but if a day is all you have, then this is a must, and RSL Tours are an honest, friendly and well organised group. I certainly recommend them.

    Brian and Lyn Harris

    We recently returned to the US after a great vacation in Turkey and Greece. The highlight without a doubt was our visit to Gallipoli with Hasan Gundogar of RSL Tours. It was a very special day for us and one we will never forget. When you grow up in Australia you know about the Gallipoli story (at least from the Australian perspective) but to be able to now more accurately visualize the landscape of the campaign and to also learn about it from the Turkish side was extremely interesting. There are lots of myths about Gallipoli and Hasan was really good in explaining the reasons for these. One memory we will always have is just how close the trenches were ... amazing as well as the fact that the Australians actually made it all the way up to the Third Ridge the morning of the landing but had to pull back because of lack of support. How that could have changed the outcome. RSL did a fantastic job in arraging the day for us. We were picked up at our hotel in Istanbul and returned there after our day in Gallipoli. Even though it was a long and full day we never felt time pressured which is due to Hasan's experience in the area and his deep knowledge of the battles and landcapes in which they were fought. The RSL tour was well worth the money we paid. It was a very memorable day for us and RSL and Hasan did an amazing job.

    Thank you.

    Brian and Lyn Harris (Los Angeles) .

    It was a real pleasure for us to spend a very memorable day with you.

    Elida Garrison
    A highlight of our visit to Istanbul was this day tour to the ANZAC battlefields. A long day with a 5 hr bus journey there and back. However, this was more than made up for by the very excellent guided tour on site. Hasan our guide was superb in both his knowledge and passion as he took us to each of the key ANZAC battlefields and memorials. Hasan's compelling account of events from the landing on 25 April to evacuation eight months later was drawn from many authoritative sources and marks him as a student of the campaign. Online booking and pick up and return to hotel in Sultanahmet all occurred without a hitch. Thoroughly recommend RSL tours for this outing.


    I have to start this with an apology. I wrote this review back in November but put it in the wrong place. Still its not too late to correct that now. So here is my review written at the time but now in its correct place. Having had more time to reflect on this tour I am still extremely glad that I went on it. One of the highlights of my trip!

    We were picked up from our hotel in a mini bus at about the agreed time. After one more hotel pick up we were on the way to Gallipoli. Had a breakfast stop along the way with typical Turkish fare, cheese olives, tomatoes etc. tasty food clean restaurant. On arrival at Eceabat we had time to stretch our legs in a local park with a memorial. A wonderful old Turk approached us for a chat then we went up to the top floor of the hotel for lunch. Again it was a simple Turkish meal of tomato soup which tasted like it had never seen the inside of a can, followed by chicken, rice and a salad.

    We then met our guide Hasan. He speaks excellent English and obviously spent a lot of time studying the Gallipoli campaign. There were four of us, all Australian, by now and Hasan tailored the tour to suit our wishes. On learning that my grandfather served there and what unit he was in he arranged for me to actually walk in his footsteps, up Artillery Road.

    Hassan has a very balanced presentation style. He isn't in the cheer squad for either side and he certainly doesn't regurgitate mantras like 'it was the Poms fault'. He is able to answer questions, not only about battles but also about Turkish culture.

    After seeing all of the significant areas on the battlefield site we visited the the old fort at Eceabat, transferred back to the mini bus and back to Istanbul with a dinner break on the way.


    From Canberra

    Lura Kemp
    As others have said, a very long day trip from Istanbul but so worthwhile. The knowledge and insight gained from our guide Hassan was memorable. The entire day was well organised. Email enquiries from Australia were answered promptly and gave us confidence to book. On time pick up in a modern vehicle. Had not been looking forward to the 4 hr journey to the site but it passed quickly as the Turkish countryside was so wonderful to see ( return journey spent dozing). Stops at service stations for food, drinks and toilet breaks. Included lunch at Ecerbat before setting off for a memorable afternoon. So much research had been done by our guide and it was presented in a way that had all members of the group involved. Went to a mix of both ANZAC and Turkish sites which added to the experience.

    Joesph Kerns
    I booked a tour via the concierge at my hotel in Sultanahmet, and was not disappointed. The bus was 15 minutes late picking me up, the courier was full of apologies...I said 'Seriously? 15 minutes??' Off we went in a decent bus, about a dozen or so of us on the 4/5 hour trip to Gallipoli. Plenty of stops, decent breakfast and lunch over looking the Dardanelles. The tour itself was first rate, with Hasan the guide being terrifically well-informed from ANZAC sources, battlefield diaries, and from the Turkish side as well. It's a long day, but so worth it.

    Lorette Bautista
    The RSL tour - cleverly names for Australian recognition - is an experience. I did my booking online from Australia with questions/forms responded to immediately. Yes, immediately! Ollie in the office was more than happy to provide the answers. The Gallipoli trip can easily be done as a 1-day trip, with an early pickup at your hotel by a friendly guide, a couple of short breaks on route to the peninsula, lunch at a hotel, then an afternoon with a guide who knows what he is talking about (our small group of 10 had Hasan who was fabulous) and a leisurely afternoon exploring the famous sites in a logical progression. (Like the young soldiers of 1915, we stared at the beach seeing just how hard it was to work out which was the correct landing point, and then moving up to the ridge. (I don't wan to give away too much). This is a tour group that the Australian RSL really should support! The locals were superb!

    Jed Chalmers
    We recently undertook a Gallipoli tour with RSL Tours. They were wonderful, I can't recommend or praise them enough. They went to any lengths to provide what we needed and provide extreme amounts of knowledge and support. Really exceptional people going above and beyond what I expected.

    Ariel Baptiste
    Last minute decision in the afternoon we decided to book a Gallipoli tour with RSL tours online from Istanbul for the following morning. The service was excellent with an email reply confirming there was a spot on the tour for us within 15 minutes. The bus picked us up and dropped us off in front of our hotel. The tour guide spoke fluent English, had a great of humour and knowledgable about what occurred in Gallipoli. When you arrive in the town you are given lunch with a pretty spectacular view, and then you start the tour. You definitely feel like you have enough time at each place to take it all in and snap some photos. It's a very well organised tour and I would recommend it to any one who is looking for a day trip to Gallipoli from Istanbul.

    Alessandra Younger
    Hasan has researched the Gallipoli campaign very thoroughly and was able to provide a greater insight into the ANZAC battles than we had before. His commentary was unbiased and supported by the evidence he had gathered from reliable resources. The tour itself was very comprehensive, covering all of the relevant coastline, including the narrows on the Dardenelles, as well as the areas in the hills which had been the targets for the attack and the lines of defence of both the ANZACs and the Turks, and which now include the majority of the War Cemeteries and Memorials. RSL Tours were very professional from booking to conducting the tour. We did the day tour from Istanbul, which made for a very long day - 0615 to 2130 - but it was paced in such a way that we were quite comfortable and did not feel exhausted at the end. We would highly recommend this tour for anyone who wants to visit Gallipoli.

    Arlyne Parr
    My wife and joined RSL tours for a Gallipoli day tour from Eceabat. The day was informative and exceeded our expectations particularly in regard to the informative guide for the ANZAC Cove area. His knowledge and obvious passion for the past conflict provided balanced insights.He also offered personal opinions but indicated this was the case.

    Mckinley Goodrich
    From the very beginning, my emails and inquiries were responded to promptly. Although it was a very early start (6:45am) and a long drive, it is well worth it. Once in Eceabat, our guide, Hasan, showed us so many aspects, including the distance between the Dardanelles, and key strategic locations with fortresses. He demonstrated using maps, readings and facts, including works from Charles Bean. We started along the beach, stopping at at least four sites. Then we went up into the hills to see the ridges and key strategic points for capture/defense. We stopped at Lone Pine, the New Zealand memorial and the Turkish memorial, plus we saw many trenches. In all honesty, what made this tour great was our guide. He told unbiased facts, plus myths and stories, and asked for our ideas sometimes. He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, I found the information about the Turkish 57th regiment very interesting. We spent over three and a half hours around Gallipoli, and were back in Istanbul by 9:30pm. Overall, we had a fantastic day and I would highly recommend this for anyone considering a trip to Gallipoli.

    Antwan Moyer
    The guide whose name I missed but who has given me an others an email address for continued correspondence on the sibject should one desire was brilliant. He is both informative and passionate about it. He is also honest which may not please everyone. The ANZACs were part of a invading force which, I think, sometimes gets overlooked. The easiest thing for any guide in such circumstances to do is pitch to the bias of the group he is presenting to rather than keep to the facts. Our guide kept to the facts and presented the documentation , from all sides, to support his statements. It was both very informative historically and emotionally moving. It was also well paced as there is a lot to get through and take in. Very good value for money. All of us found it excellent. It is a long day but a comfortable one; well worth it.

    Simonne Ludwig
    RSL Tours did an excellent job at helping us fill in the blanks about Gallipoli. As our guide took us around he gave historical background to each site without overwhelming us with information. We had time to walk on Anzac Cove and around the grave sights. Our guide told us stories about the people and events and made it live. The whole day was extremely moving - more than we expected! We were picked up from our hotel exactly on time and then at the end of the day, as we were going south instead of returning to Istanbul, we were helped with the next leg of our journey. Great service and a fascinating tour.

    Gaylord Gandy
    Virtually all aspects of this tour were top class. The entire RSL team were highly professional. The tour was very well organised, the coaches comfortable and the guide (Hassein Gundogar?) was extraordinarily knowledgeable, a first class communicator and very generous with his time. i would recommend it irrespective of the level of prior knowledge of the Gallipoli Campaign.

    Odessa Moya
    The tour from Istanbul to Escabat and then Gallipoli was worth it. I think it is on the 'must see' list when in Turkey, or close by this country. The guide was knowledgeable and answered all my questions. He posed the story from his research and was open to conversation about the campaign and the sights and the region in general. The lunch and the bus was good. It is a value for money day trip and I recommend this company even though it is not associated with RSL in Australia.

    Yuk Swain
    I would like to thank Hasan Gundogar For a really informative and well-researched tour of Gallipoli. I recommend this tour. And thanks Hasan for supplying us with references to follow up later too. :-).

    Joey Scoggins
    Absolutely FANTASTIC, totally worry-free and amazing adventure arranged in a truly professional manner! A never to be forgotten experience filled with only good memories. Highly recommended! :-)

    Karyn Quick
    I caught a bus down from Istanbul to Canakkale and spent a night there. Did the Gallipoli tour with not much expectation, but ended up very impressed by the end of the day. Hasan was very informative and the tour as a whole gave me a lasting insight on the War. Definitely recommended for any Aussie/Kiwi.

    Prudence Petty
    Our RSL Tour Company tour of the Gallipoli was awesome our Tour Guide Hasan Gundogar was amazing had so much information at his finger tip. He was very professional and gave us an unbelievable commentary of both the Turkish and the Australian side of Gallipoli – Hasan has done a lot of research and had used the Web Site for The Australian War Museum to gather a lot of the material that he used for our tour. A very moving day that we will never forget.

    Celsa Marquez
    Three of us went on this tour in mid October. We fully agree with the comments by Alison from Perth. At over 300 k each way it is a long day, 6 to 11. Comfortable bus, regular toilet stops and very generous breakfast and lunch included. Tour guide Hasan Gundogar was wonderful, being knowledgeable, respectful and commited to the history from both sides.

    Tambra Clement
    From the time we were picked up in Istanbul to the time we were dropped off back at our apartment in the evening the service and hospitality was exceptional. Our English speaking guide on the way down was great, our driver was excellent, vehicle very comfortable, the staff and food at the hotel were excellent. Our tour guide of the Gallipoli Peninsular was outstanding and I can't recommend this trip enough. From our very first email to the time we arrived everything went exactly as planned. If ever you go to visit Gallipoli then contact RSL tours. You won't be disappointed. A day never to be forgotten.

    Rubye Keating
    We booked RSL Tours for our day trip and tour to Gallipoli on a private tour for our family. We had a great day and everything was organised as per our emails with the staff from Australia. Our guide Ash was just great and heaps of fun. He got us there and back in one piece with plenty of laughs and extra information. Our guide at Gallipoli, Edam (Adam) was very informative and very interesting, he gave us extra time at places as my Mother In Law's Grand Parents met on the battlefield, so it was very special for the family and he respected that. It was just a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend using this company! They also helped with getting transfers and accommodation in Turkey, just brillian :)

    Crista Bratcher
    We booked the tour in Canakkale and joined the group, starting with lunch and then the visits to the different sites in Gallipoli. For us coming from Sweden with not much knowledge about the events it was fantastic to have a guide as Hasan Gundogar, very professional in his way of guiding and telling the history from different point of views.

    Donita Porterfield
    A long day trip but well worth the effort when you get a guide like Hasan Gundogar whose enthusiasm and knowledge about Gallipoli was fantastic. Great value for money, breakfast and lunch were included which was fine contrary to other reviews on Trip Advisor.

    Eric Washington
    One of the most infomative day of my travels and well worth the long bus trip from Istanbul to Gallipoli,it was organised thru RSL tours and cost approx $120 all included ,although I was quoted up to $550 from another tour company in Istanbul for the same trip,so beware. We had an excellent guide in Hasan Gundogar his knowledge of the Gallipoli campaign from both sides was excellent the visits to both Turkish and ANZAC memorials was very touching and never forgotten ,don't think I have met a guide with more passion for his job than Hasan.

    Debra Miller
    Doing this trip in one day was going to be a long one and we wouldn't have missed it for the world. No expectations but surprises in fact. Our guide Hasan was faultless in his knowledge, information and also not predjudice in relating the history of what took place at Gallipoli. His English was excellent and he had a great sense of humour which added to the enjoyment of the trip. Being there meant so much to us as not only our parents were involved in the second WW, our son served in the NZ army and spent six months in Afganistan and insisted that we made the trip as he hasn't had the opportunity to do so. It was our private pilgrimage especially for him. As occupied as you are with the history you couldn't help realising this is a beautiful place. There is a low key area where families holiday at a camp site which we were not saddened by it was actually satisfying to see it appreciated. History is important there is no doubt and one should never forget but life is vital.

    Juan Hall
    Hassan is a guy who really knows the history of this time and area extremely well and he imparts it all with humour and well-chosen stories, facts and anecdotes. He is someone who understands that history is complex and has a number of sides to it, but equally he has a point of view and is not afraid to express it with rare humanity. I found this tour richly rewarding. (My only complaint would be that the bus back to Istanbul was terribly cold and the driver would not change the air-conditioning temperature when I repeatedly asked for it.)

    Virginia Diaz
    This was a well organised tour, including the gun emplacements and a walk along the beach at Anzac Cove. Hasan is an excellent guide. His commentary is well researched, thoughtful and challenges stereotypes and spin.

    Tina Cooper
    Hassan obviously loves his job and the history of Gallipoli. His English is fantastic and his knowledge is better than most Aussies! This would rate as one of the best tours we have ever done! Thanks

    Annie Roberts
    I booked a place for my parents on a tour to Gallipoli with RSL tours (which was the cheapest I could find in the city). The wonderful team at RSL were so committed to getting my parents on the tour - I had problems contacting my parents, credit card not working along with the fact that the timing coincided with the protests in Istanbul so details had to be changed last minute... I really didn't think they would make it but after 45 emails exchanged with RSL (!!!) I'm so pleased to say mum and dad made it to Gallipoli. They had a very special trip and said the guides couldn't have been better. HIGHLY reccommend.

    Paul James
    We did a Gallipoli tour with RSL tours and it was fantastic! I highly recommend. We were picked up right on time from our hostel in Istanbul and driven to Gallipoli which was about a 4 hour drive. We stopped half way and were given a full breakfast. We arrived at Gallipoli and were given a full lunch before being picked up for the tour. The tour guide was fantastic, he was so knowledgable and friendly. Emiine who worked for RSL tours was also fantastic - she was extremely helpful to us when we were having trouble with some of our travel plans. She allowed us to use the phone and Internet at the hotel, and even accompanied us on the ferry where a bus was picking us up at the other side. Overall RSL provided and excellent service!

    Jessica Hill
    We did a Gallipoli tour from Istanbul with RSL tours and were very impressed with our very knowledgable guide and the lovely Emiine, lady at the hotel who coordinated all the logistics, who completely went out of her way to ensure we were well looked after and comfortable at every stage. Thank you Emiine!

    Phyllis Richardson
    I did a Gallipoli day tour with RSL tours and would highly recommend anyone to them. Our Guide Hasan had so much knowledge about the Anzacs and Turkish army which was great. Lunch was provided which was beautiful. A long drive from Istanbul but just think how long it took the Anzacs to get to Anzac Cove. Thank you for a great day.

    Judith Rivera
    Our day trip to Gallipoli while long was very good, plenty of rest stops for breakfast and lunch were fine. From the Tour guide to the drivers they were all considerate and professional, the vehicle was great, comfortable and clean. We all had a wonderful informative day with a very well organised company. The tour was spot on, and the Hasan the guide put forward some really interesting thoughts on the historical events. We have no hesitation in recommending RSL Tour Comany.

    Andrew Collins
    My husband and I joined a 1 day Gallipoli tour with RSL and both thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend them to other travellers. Our tour group was small with only 5 of us (I'm not sure if this is normal), and we had a very knowledgeable guide who not only provided an informative commentary at each location but also was able to knowledgably answer questions and took us on a slight diversion to visit the battle site where a relative of one of our group would have fought. The only improvement I would suggest would be the breakfast that was provided.

    Rebecca Edwards

    A big mythology buff, I definitely knew that a day trip to Troy was in order as part of a long layover in Istanbul. After a lot of research, I selected RSL Tours, and am very happy with my selection. Oli, the coordinator, was kind enough to allow me to bump up my trip date due to an unexpected schedule change, and was a pleasant conversationalist via e-mail as well! The bus pick-up was right on time (within 3 minutes) and the ride was comfortable, given that it is over 4+ hours each way.

    The guide, Burak, was terrific - filled with lots of interesting insights and information, and very passionate about the topic (he has a forthcoming book with some theories on archaeological questions at Troy) and made the visit come alive for all members of our small group.

    I'm hoping to come back in the medium-term future after the museum (under construction at the site) is completed to see even more of the archaeological findings, and will definitely use RSL again.

    Great job!

    Matthew Henderson
    I used RSL Tours (& Eceabat Hotel) to travel form Istanbul to Troia. The day trip was made the better for a polite service, timely rest stops and pleasant food. It was well worth the effort, as it was a long day.

    Nancy Jones

    I recently visited Istanbul with a group of 3 friends on our way through to Europe, our time was limited as we only had two full days in Istanbul but I was put in contact with Ulas from RSL Tours in Turkey, Ulas's command of the English language and knowledge of the city was a great asset to us as he gave suggestions of what we should see and do in the limited time we had and in what order we should do it. He recommended having a private guide who would take us to all,the attractions and also to the other places we wanted to see. On the Saturday morning our guide Dilek met us at our hotel as did Ulas to ensure that everything ran smoothly. The next two days we were left in Dilek's hands and she did a fantastic job of showing us her beautiful city and engrossing us in her knowledge of the history and culture for which Turkey is so well known.

    She had a wonderful personality, a great knowledge of her city and was very passionate about her job, she always wanted to ensure we were happy and just gave us two very memorable days. At the end of the second day, Ulas came back to meet us to ensure all went well and to have a coffee with us before we left.

    I have nothing but great memories of Istanbul and that is thanks to both Ulas and Dilek and RSL Tours, I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who needs touring and general assistance throughout Turkey and Istanbul.

    Clarence Coleman

    I cannot recommend RSL tours more. I have been on several tours with them now, and they have all run smoothly and have made for a highly enjoyable experience. They are a family run business that ensures that all your needs are meet.

    This was especially true, when I undertook a 2 day Cappadocia tour through them. While this was run by a sister company of theirs, RSL tours ensured that I was well looked after and made my tour extremely enjoyable and one of the highlights of my trip and at a minimal expense.

    They organised flights to and from Istanbul along with airport transfers, and put me up in a luxurious hotel, making my trip stress free and relaxing. It included Red and Green tours, taking in the different sites and all that Cappadocia had to offer. But by far the highlight of the trip was the Hot Air Balloon ride. I was devastated when on my last day in Cappadocia, the air balloon tour was cancelled due to bad weather. I quickly got in touch with Gavin at RSL tours, and he miraculous managed to get me on the last spot on a balloon ride the next day!!! (baring in mind that that day would've already been near booked out, not to mention the hundreds of people in my position who missed out and who desperately wanted to get on the next day!), and as well as managing to changed my flights to the following day (and airport transfers) for only 30euros!!

    As I said, I cannot recommend RSL tours more!! For a friendly, stress free, enjoyable tours, that do not break the bank, look no further than RSL Tours!!

    Anthony Clark
    This is an activity you have to do with no excuse if you come to Turkey. Any balloon ride in any other place in the world will cost you the same or more and that place won't be Capadoccia. At first moment all people think its a too "boutique/ luxury" thing paying for only some hour but you totally should do it, even been a young traveller like me. Ash find me a very good deal comparing other companirs and it totally worth. The feeling of flying is very smooth and funny and the views are just wonderful, like being in a Star Wars movie. I've taken tons of pictures and videos. The people of Sultan Balloons are really kind and friendly. You won't regret it, whatever your plan of traveling and badge is. Really.

    Heather Stewart

    My girlfriend and I this morning experienced the amazing hot air balloon ride across the breathtaking scenery that is Cappadocia.

    We booked online through RSL Tours, and were picked up early this morning, driven to have a light breakfast & coffee before preparing for the balloon ride.

    Our pilot, Tarik ensured a smooth take-off and landing, and the ride itself was smooth and made for great photos. Unfortunately it was a bit cloudy but it was still a great view from the height we were at.

    Jacqueline Campbell
    I've used RSL twice now in the past year to arrange private tours for groups of university students and faculty. Both times the participants were very pleased with the knowledgeable tour guides and the great organization by Olimpia. The most recent group I sent with RSL found the Gallipoli Simulation Experience to be awesome in terms of providing a solid background to one of the lesser known (for Americans at least) campaigns of World War I. I would never have thought of having my group attend the simulation if it had not been suggested by Olimpia. This shows that RSL is on top of things and really knows how to tailor a tour to your needs

    Donna Cox
    We put ourselves in the hands of RSL from arrival to departure.at Ataturk airport, after arranging the trip from Canada, with very patient assistance from Olimpia. My sister and I are "a bit beyond retirement age", and were somewhat apprehensive. We needn't have been! Transfers, hotels, tours -- all were well beyond our expectations. Many thanks to the RSL team. This trip was very important to us, and you have created wonderful memories for us.

    Jeremy Lewis
    From the booking processes via email with quick responses, the phone calls that were made whilst we were there to change the date of tour due to travel delays, all was done with ease. They are very understanding and just want you to have the most memorable day in which we did. It was amazing tour ever, the guides were incredible,friendly, very slow and caring and very very knowledgable, we did the private tour and had the bus to ourselves, we slept were given breakfast and watched videos relating to Gallipoli, anything you wanted they accommodated. Big thank you to George our driver and Hussain our guide. Yes it is a long drive but defiantly worth it.

    Wanda Reed

    We were a family group of 5 adults who wanted to tour Gallipoli together but were finding it difficult to co-ordinate due to differing itineraries. After some research we opted for the RSL private day tour from Istanbul.

    I have to say the communication from Olimpia was outstanding throughout the process and added to my confidence that this was the right company to do this with.

    We were picked up promptly at 7.30 am as arranged and Hasan made us feel like valued customers from the outset. His knowledge of the Gallipoli landings and battles was outstanding and we learned so much from him. The (some digitally enhanced) photographs from the time of the events shown on a screen in the minivan throughout the tour added a lot too.

    My husband's grandfather was a New Zealander who had served at Gallipoli with the Australian army so we had a vested interest in both the Australian and New Zealand sites. Hasan did a fantastic job of balancing our areas of interest and allowing us to determine how long we spent at each site. He would give us an overview of events in the area stopped at, answer any questions then leave us to take in the site on our own so we felt we were on our own personal pilgrimage and not being hovered over to move along. While we were off on our own Hasan was busy reading his books to try to identify where he thought it most likely my husband's grandfather had walked and fought based on the information we were able to supply him with. He then read the relevant passages out to us and showed us where they referred to as we looked at the hillside. We were humbled by his endeavours to add as much to our personal journey as he possibly could and as a Turkish man he gave an incredibly balanced view of events as seen by all sides with both humour and empathy in healthy doses. He added so much to our experience and this is where our real value for money came from.

    I must also mention our drive to and from Gallipoli which was 4 and a half to 5 hours each way (including stops) but felt much less due to our fantastic driver - best driver in Turkey! - and comfortable minivan with wifi, air conditioning and movies related to Gallipoli to break up the journey. With only 5 of us there was plenty of room to spread out.

    The breakfast was plentiful but rather basic and lunch mezes were fantastic while the mains were average (my fish got a better review than the others chicken and meatballs) but all were perfectly adequate.

    Olimpia made sure she greeted us and farewelled us and our tour at Gallipoli went over time due to the lack of pressure from Hasan to move us along, we simply did not realise the time.

    I cannot recommend this private tour highly enough. The additional expense pp over the standard day tour was well worth it to us as we had longer at each stop due to our smaller number to move around and it was personalised to us even as we went along and Hasan learnt more about our family perspective on events.

    RSL fully delivered and more what it promised in the tour description.

    Chris Perez
    We spent 3 days visiting the memorials and cemeteries of the Gallipoli peninsula as part of a private family tour. I highly recommend RSL Tours. Our guide Yusuf and driver Cuneyt made sure to personalize the tour so we could visit family graves. Nothing was too much trouble. Having flown for 24+ hours we paid for private transport from Istanbul straight to Eceabat; it was not cheap but definitely money well spent as we didn't want to negotiate coach transfers while jetlagged. The included meals at the top of Grand Eceabat Hotel were delicious and sampled a variety of Turkish dishes. Everything was so easy to book by email with Olimpia & Gavin; thanks again for the good memories we will keep for a lifetime

    Joseph Lopez
    We were a group of 7 from Melbourne with a private tour and would rate this tour first class. We first started arranging the tour from Melbourne several months prior via email with Olimpia. Her communication from the start to the conclusion of our tour day was excellent. We were also most fortunate to have Hasan as our guide at Gallipoli. Hasan spoke excellent English and he was able to communicate his research and knowledge of the area in a manner that was most informative and respectful. We came away with an appreciation and better understanding of the circumstances surrounding the landing and the battles at each of the memorial sites. We were able to engage in each place for as long as we wanted and all questions were thoughtfully answered. The bus trip though long, was enjoyable as we had free wifi and we enjoyed watching the Gallipoli movie with Mel Gibson. The breakfast and lunch were adequate. We would highly recommend RSL tours

    Anna Garcia

    In September 2014 we wanted to go to Gallipoli and selected a private tour with RSL. Our guide picked us up at 6.30am from our hotel in Istanbul. It's a long drive to Gallipoli and you will be grateful for any stops along the way.

    I was visiting the sites where my Great Uncle served in the 10th Australian Light Horse. Do your research before you go and determine which battle sites you want to visit. I wanted to see Lone Pine, Courtney's Post and Walkers Ridge. Our guide did ask us before we left Australia the details of my relative, which regiment they were in and where they served. He did his research and also recommended some books for me to read. It was a great day with our guide and we visited all the sites I wanted to see. He was very knowledgable. Make sure you see the Turkish Memorial and the new museum. You need to allocate some additional time for the new museum which gives you the perspective of the Turkish experience.

    Just be aware that on the return trip they do take a short cut back to Istanbul. Our guide did warn us before hand and left us with the driver who spoke no English. We travelled the back roads through little villages, slowing down for chickens, tractors and really rough roads. In hindsight it was a great experience seeing the countryside.

    I really recommend RSL Tours to anyone who wants to visit Gallipoli on a one day tour.

    Carl Johnson

    We came down to our hotel lobby at 7.30am, right on time, to find Murat waiting there for us. He and driver Junaid took us on the long drive from Istanbul to Eceabat. Murat pointed out places of interest along the way and talked of Turkish life in general. About half way we were introduced to an "authentic Turkish breakfast" which tasted great and left us full. It was the last day of Ramadan and traffic was very heavy with many people heading off for the Ramadan holiday. As we got closer to Eceabat traffic came to a halt. Apparently there was a 10km queue for the ferry at Eceabat to go to the Asian side. Junaid was able to put his local knowledge to good effect taking us down back roads and across farm fields to get to our rendezvous with Yusef who became our guide and George, our new driver. This is normally the point where lunch is taken but we were still full from breakfast so we went straight to Galipoli. Yusef was a fantastic guide with an extensive knowledge of all of the battlefields and all of the history. He was able to explain what happened at each battlefield and why. What each side was trying to do and what actually happened. His commentary was balanced and respectful of all the brave soldiers who fought here.

    The tour of the battlefields took between 4 and 5 hours and left us quite weary having visited so many sites and absorbed so much information.

    We did take a lunch break toward the end of the tour where Yusef and George introduced us to Gozlemes filled with meat, potato or spinach and cheese. George also insisted that we try the Turkish meatballs. Needless to say we didn't eat any dinner that night. Some people might be put off by the lunch venue, but don't be. It is a rural cafe, so not fancy, but the food is great. At the completion of the tour Yusef left us and Murat rejoined us for the drive back to Istanbul with George. They had us back at our hotel by about 10.30 pm, weary but well satisfied with our experiences for the day.

    Ruby Russell
    We were on a cruise ship which docked at Canakkale and was due to leave at 2pm. As my Greatuncle's name is on the Helles Memorial it was important for us to visit.Also we wanted to be back at the ship by 12.30pm at the latest.Hassan met us at the ship at 7.30am and tailored our tour to meet our needs.We spent time at the Helles Memorial,the Turkish Memorial,the Lancashire Landings Cemetery(our local regiment is the Lancashire Fusiliers in Bury)a museum and various short stops along the way to view the beaches etc.Finally we stopped at Eceabet where we met Olimpia and walked to the beach to see another memorial of the fighters in the trenches which wAs excellent.I had mentioned to Hassan previously that I had seen this on line ,so was very pleased that he showed it to us.Hassan is extremely knowledgable,very pleasant and helpful.And we were back at the ship on time!

    Benjamin Rogers
    My Partner and I recently did a Rome to Turkey Cruise which we were able to take in the Gallipoli tours whilst on shore. We were fortunate enough to find the wonderful Olympia from RSL Tours who was extremely helpful and we feel we have made a new friend. She arranged for us to be picked up in Istanbul and brought back to Ecebat and taken on a day tour with the Fabulous Faruk as our guide. We were picked up on time and the drive back was very pleasant, stopping for a wonderful breakfast that was included. Faruk's knowledge of the Gallipoli area and its history was second to none and made for a very informative and pleasant day. We then taken back to the Grand Hotel at Ecebat for some refreshing drinks and another great catch up with Olympia, before being driven back to Istanbul and our cruise ship, which was just on dark so we got to see the city of Istanbul lit up which was fantastic. I would strongly recommend this tour company to anyone thinking of doing the Gallipoli tours, their friendly, professional and make the whole experience well worth it. Their prices are very reasonable and we were very happy that we waited a few days after the 25th to do the tour as we were able to spend as long as we wanted at each site without all the tour buses that would have been there on the 25th. We are so grateful to have found Olympia and her crew, which was by accident, and am very grateful to them for making it a unforgettable experience. Well done guys.

    Cynthia Wright

    I have recently (26 & 27 April) used your company for two tours, one of the Gallipoli Battlegrounds (26th) & the other in Istanbul (27th). I must congratulate you on having such professional & knowledgeable guides & drivers in your employ.

    Yusuf & Ahmed (on the Gallipoli tour) were the best anyone could hope for, I have no hesitation in recommending the two of them (& your company) to any family & friends that wish to do any tours in & around the area of Gallipoli. Even the fact that our coach broke down outside of Eceabat did not detract from the tour.

    In Istanbul, our guide, Ahmed (I hope I have I have his name right) went above & beyond what we would normally expect form someone in that position. I had my 92yr old mother with me & when he explained that the 2nd half of the tour would be difficult for her I did not expect the offer of the hospitality of your office for the duration of the tour. My mother was made to feel right at home by all of your staff. I am eternally grateful.

    Gary Carter
    Our cruise ship docked in Canakkale on April 25, and not wanting to brave the crowds at Gallipoli, we arranged to go to Troy and Assos for the day. Our brilliant guide, Burak, kept us entertained as he taught us the history of the area. He is a passionate teacher and I'd recommend him any day. His English was superb. We like how he took the time to find out about us and gauged his talks to our interests. Rachel, whom we communicated with before and after our tour was great about answering all our questions, especially with our cruise ship and the uncertainty of our disembarking times. She had it all under control. The price of our tour was fair. It included a stop for lunch in an authentic restaurant in Assos. Lovely day.

    Rachel Perry

    I have had the most amazingly wonderful and personalised trip to Turkey because of the care and organisation by Oli at the RSL tours office and also because of the experienced and knowledgeable RSL tour guides. I was travelling alone and wanted to visit my relative’s grave in Gallipoli. I also decided to visit some other places in Turkey and after researching the RSL Website I decided to book all of my tours, transfers and accommodation through RSL tours and I am very glad I did. Everything was fantastic. I also believe that it was cheaper for me to do it this way. Oli helped me plan my trip via a few emails and then kept in touch with me each step of my journey to ensure everything was ok. The tours are extremely well organised, the coaches are very comfortable and there is plenty to see and do and the tour guides are all experts in their field. In one week I visited Istanbul, Troy, Gallipoli Battlefields (2 days), Ephesus and Pamukkale. All of these were day tours.

    I can only say that the expectations of how my trip would be were exceeded. I wanted to walk in my relative’s footsteps at Gallipoli, to visit where he arrived, to visit where he died in battle and also to visit his grave – and I did all three of these things plus much more. Of course this was not part of RSL’s regular itinerary, but this was no problem, Oli changed the itinerary to suit my request and then she chose Hasan to be my tour guide. Hasan went above and beyond what I expected. He researched into the night to find every piece of information he could including maps, photographs, documents. We visited my relative’s grave and it was very moving and special. We had other tours booked in for the rest of the day and I asked to come back to look for Tommie’s trench where my relative died. After the other tours had concluded Hasan took me for a Turkish dinner at Krithia and while we sat there he used Google maps to obtain the gps coordinates to locate Tommies Trench and together we discussed and planned. Then we drove to the area of the 2nd battle for Krithia and walked through what is now part pine forest and olive farm. Hasan expertly located some trenches, but knew the direction of Tommies trench and quickly located it. I was able to be right there thanks to Hasan. Later he took me to V Beach where my relative landed. I walked on the beach and the roads that my relative walked on. It was amazing.

    My accommodation was very comfortable, in a good location and usually with a great view. Many breakfasts and some lunches and dinners were included in my tours. The price was great too. I had the greatest time. Everyone I met was so nice and I made many new friends.

    No matter what sort of trip you want to do in Turkey e.g. a research trip to Gallipoli or a regular tour or exploring other areas of Turkey, I thoroughly recommend RSL Tours. When I go back to Turkey I will book with RSL tours again.

    Thomas Allen
    This was an outstanding tour with a great guide in Yusef and well organised by Ash. There were 6 of us and we opted for the private tour. The mercedes van was very comfortable and Yusef made it clear from the start that we could do anything we wished on the day...with mine being to go for a swim in the Dardanelles. He took us to all the sites, which were largely free of other tourists and allowed us to fully soak up the atmosphere. His explanation of the events was outstanding and nothing was too much trouble. We saw the lead up to the invasion, had a great swim and then went to a restaurant with panoramic views. After lunch we visited the beaches and memorials (the Turkish one is breathtaking, and moving, as is Anzac cove and cemetery). It was a long day (about 4.5 hours one way), but it was absolutely worth it, and I would highly recommend the extra cost of a private tour.

    Margaret Wilson
    My partner and I were on a cruise ship and organised a private tour with Huseyin Uysal to Gallipoli. He works for Trouble free tours/which is a subsiduary of RSL tours. Huseyin was an excellent guide who talked constantly and explained everything in detail about what happened in Gallipoli and also was able to answer any questions asked. Our tour started with being picked up from the cruise port of Canakkale and being driven to the ferry to cross the dardenelles. On arriving there we were given a detailed walking tour of the replica of where we were going to visit, then we set off to Lone Pine, Chunuk Bair memorials, Anzac cove Johnston's Jolly The Nek and Kabepe. The nostalgia that one feels visiting these sites is very emotional but also gives such a sense of pride. It is a full day tour and I think one of the best guides to show us. We all came away hopefully knowing and understanding this war a lot more than we did before visiting. Lest we FORGET…

    Robert Ward

    We took the private car option with RSL, and for us it was the right choice. We were picked up on time by a very friendly and helpful couple of interpreter and driver and sped off to Gallipoli. The drive was just great through very attractive farmland and countryside. The stop for breakfast was a good one. Clean and well presented roadside restaurant. No different to what we have in Australia.

    Then on to Eceabat. With breakfast stop, the trip took about 4 hours 20 minutes. This journey was very enjoyable.

    We were then introduced to our personal tour guide, Joseph. He turned out to be a great success with us. Very knowledgeable, many interesting and unusual facts to share with us. Very informative and a thorough delight to be with as he illuminated the whole story of the conflict, the various sites and the history of the times.

    We also went to the new Turkish multi media theatre complex to see the various AV presentations. This is well worth the visit as one hears and sees the story of Gallipoli from a Turkish point of view. We were very pleased we did this. It takes about an hour but well worth the time.

    My wife has a relative who died at the landing on 26 April 1915. Joseph was very helpful in finding his name engraved in stone at Lone Pine. We were able to leave a poppy my wife had brought from Australia there next to his name.

    Lunch was very pleasant. Soup was excellent and the meat balls were the best meatballs I had whilst in Turkey.

    Ash is the gentleman managing this company and throughout all our email correspondence and our time in Gallipoli he and his staff were professional, helpful and a pleasure to be with.

    The trip back to our hotel was just as enjoyable as the trip down. As too was the roadside diner stop.

    These guys are good and the service is terrific.

    Douglas Kelly
    This tour from Istanbul was led by Hassan from RSL tours who proved to be a very knowledgable and entertaining tour guide. Also very accommodating including in the tour a trip to a not usually visited war graves site where one of the tour participants has a relative buried. I would recommend this company to anyone who was planning a trip to Gallipoli.

    Sharon Jenkins

    Hasan met our small group in Istanbul and travelled with us to canakkale where we overnighted for a tour of Gallipoli and Troy, this fellow is wonderful he is witty and helpful and very knowledgeable about his subject which he obviously loves...we could not have been more foirtunate than to have been guided by Hsan of RSL Tours....Nothing was too much trouble and I thoroughly recommend hsan and hope one day to be back again!

    Gallipoli was a wonderful experience and thanks to Hasan I found Troy very interesting, thats the beauty of his guiding he makes everything straight forward and delivers his information in a way that is very easy to digest and keeps your attention Well done Hasan!

    Deborah Thomas
    My partner and I had a 2 day private tour from Istanbul of Troy and Gallipoli peninsula. The tour was organised by Turkland Tours who then sub contracted out the individual day/site tours to RSL Tours. The RSL tour guide for Troy is a young guy called Burak who is one of the most passionate and knowledgeable guides we came across and really brings the whole Troy archaeological site to life - definitely made our visit worthwhile. In respect to Gallipoli peninsula we did the full day north and south tour which included the Turkish and Allied memorials and highly recommend this tour as you get a much more balanced perspective that the conflict caused to the Turkish people and terrible loss of life of both sides. Our guide on this day was Hassan who is also very knowledgeable and likeable and made sure we got a balanced and informed view of the conflict - he also made the private tour fun with tea stop in local village with locals and lunch stop on roadside "café" serving local home cooked foods - highly recommend as well

    Roger Foster
    Did the private Gallipoli day tour as a group of 4 mates from Istanbul. Although a long day, which we already expected, it was very well organised & everything worked like clock work. From bring picked up from our hotel we were driven to Gallipoli in a comfortable air conditioned van with a friendly & knowledgable staff member (sorry, forgot your name). On arrival we had a nice lunch at Eceabat & met 'Mick', our local tour guide. 'Mick' as a local spoke great English & had a clear interest in the history of the area & genuine enthusiasm about what he showed & told us. Although slightly rushed at points, we saw all the sights we wanted to & understood the time frames of a day tour from Istanbul. Overall, our group was very impressed & thought that the day tour gave us what we wanted in seeing the main Gallipoli sights without requiring us to use more days out of a busy touring schedule. Would highly recommend to those with a similar plan.

    Norma Adams

    My family ( 2 adults , 3 teenage children) organised a 2 day private tour of Gallipoli starting and finishing in Istanbul. This is an expensive option but well worth the money - AUD$2000 when all said and done.

    We were picked up from our hotel at 7.30am and taken in a very comfortable minibus to Eceabat stopping for breakfast on the way. We arrived at Eceabat at lunch time. After lunch we drove with our guide Baris to a new interactive display of the Gallipoli campaigns. The presentation is designed to simulate some of the experiences of those envolved in those campaigns. Although in Turkish we were given electronic devices which enabled us to hear an English version. It was excellent.

    We were then taken to the southern sector at Cape Helles.There we visited the massive memorials to the British and the Turks. Both are simple but very impressive. We also saw some of the landing beaches including V Beach. Now very beautiful but on 25 April 1915 a virtual slaughterhouse.On the return trip to Eceabat we stopped off at a small village for cay. Although we could have had dinner at Eceabat we took the ferry to Canakalle where we ate in one of the many seaside restaurants. The ferry ride across the Dardenelles at dusk was very beautiful. The next morning we toured the northern battlefields where the ANZACs fought. This time our guide was Hassan. We had time to walk along ANZAC Cove and Z Beach.This gives you an appreciation of just how difficult the terrain was. We then walked up towards the Baby 700 cemetery. We then visited the Lone Pine cemetery, the Nek and finally the magnificent Turkish monument at Chunuk Bair. You get an appreciation of the terrible conditions each side fought under. In a couple of places the trenches are only metres apart. Lone Pine is not much bigger than a soccer field.. Yet for 3 days thousands of men fought and died over this now tranquil place.

    I cannot speak too highly of both our guides. Both Baris and Hassan are experienced, extremely knowledgeable,interesting and easy to deal with. They both have a passion for what they do. Each told the Gallipoli story from the Turkish as well as the Allied side. The Turks regard Gallipoli as hallowed ground as we do. It was really interesting to get that perspective. RSL Tours did a fantastic job. It was even better than we anticipated.

    Accomodation at Eceabat was basic. I think it might be best to stay in Canakalle.

    Irealise that most will want to do a day trip from Istanbul but if you are able spend 2 days at Gallipoli.You won't be rushed.Try and give yourself time to walk in some of the cemetries. Seeing so many young men's lives wasted will break your heart.

    Larry Brooks
    Went in Oct 2014 as part of my honeymoon. Very good company and a top three day tour of Gallipoli, Troy and (the highlight) of Pergamon and finishing up at Ephesus. Very knowledgeable guides an top little intimate hotels. We experienced breakfast after the trip to ANZAC cove with a one eyed dog on the shores of the Bosphorus before getting a ferry across in the mist. Pergamon included a fascinating tour with a retired history teacher who referred to us all tour as 'my dear guests.' I wanted to bring him home! Hotel in Selcuk included breakfast on a roof top dining area next to one of the oldest mosques in Turkey and below the ruins of the Basilica of St John the Theologian. Around the corner was a wonder of the ancient world. Only odd thing was a leather fashion show at the end which did not fit at all into the whole experience.

    Stephanie Long

    We asked the team at RSL tours to help tailor a tour for us that included the Gallipoli peninsula, Troy, Pergamon, Ephesus and Pamukkale. Not overly complex but with enough Car, bus, and tour guide changes for probelms to occur. Everything went according to the plan. Olympia and her team were organised, helpful and informative. A great guide Yousef at Gallipoli and Arif at ephesus were standouts.

    We are happy to recommend this group.

    Teresa Bailey

    I've just spent the past 2 days with RSL Tours and all I can say is thank you for an experience that I will be talking about for the rest of my life. Day 1 was pick up from Istanbul to go to tour the Gallipoli fields & then spent the night in Cannakale. Day 2 was a tour of Troy, then to do a tour of Pergamon which is 3 hrs fromTroy and then they dropped me off in Kusadasi which is another 3 hours from Pergamon.

    Where do I start???!!!! Firstly these guys are true Tourism people and they understand what it means to have an excellent experience. Olympia (who seems to be the front woman) was very friendly and hospitable. The guide Joseph was even better. As an Australian it is a life desire to come to Gallipoli and I absolutely appreciated that Joseph had taken the time to learn the information that his target audience would be looking to hear.... Yes he still gave the Turkish perspective but he was able to being to life the battlefields as it was for the Australians. RSL tours run the Gallipoli day with the respect it deserves and for this I am truly grateful.

    Day 2 was equally well organised and I had Joseph again for the Troy tour and then a different local guide for Pergamon.

    If you want to do anything in this region just ask them, they will go above and beyond to assist.

    Pamela Sanchez
    I just finished my tour with Joseph! I visited Troy and the Acropolis locations, both were very interesting! No one else was on the tour, so it was private :-). Joseph was really knowledgeable and took pictures so that I didn't have to use my selfie-stick (lol). I was also driven from Eceabat to Kusadasi, which is over 6 hours...thank you Joseph, for making this tour seamless and stress-free!

    Stephen Anderson
    This is a professional and helpful tour company. I had spent hours searching the web trying to find a way to travel from Izmir to Istanbul via Pergumom, Troy and Gallipoli. I only had a few days and, because the main tourist period had finished, most of the group tours were no longer running. I had contacted a few places, and had been offered a private tour for the two of us at exhorbitant rates. However, RSL tours arranged it all for with just a few emails, and for a cost that was quite affordable. Gavin emailed back and forth a couple of times and all was arranged. Ahmad and Hasan drove us from Izmir to Pergamum, and our Pergamum guide (Immortal) guided us through the site. He was very knowledgeable and a great teacher. We then drove on to Troia, where we joined another tour that had originated in Eceabat. We joined them, and Borak guided us around the site. His knowledge of the area was exceptional. The next day another guide, Hasan, guided us around Gallipoli. His knowledge was also phenomenal and, having studied many of the original sources, he corrected many of the details that we had learnt during history lessons at school. I would recommend this tour company to anyone. Their guides were all experts in their topics, and extremely friendly and helpful.

    Justin Hernandez
    Ash and the team do a great job of pulling together everyone's needs and making stuff happen smoothly. We spent 3 days with them, and saw Gallipoli, Troy, Pergamon and Ephesus. Our guides were all fantastic, well educated and rehearsed on their subjects, as well as being friendly and relaxed. The drivers were great, too. Our hotels were fantastic, simple but brilliantly located, and special mention has to go to Hotel Rebetica in Selcuk for a lovely little room with a location beyond expectations. The rooftop breakfast was gorgeous, and our sunset walk around the Basilica of St John was an experience off the books but a massive highlight for us, and was achieved purely due to the incredible location of the hotel. If you want a small and personal experience of the sights of this amazing country, I can't recommend these guys highly enough. Get out of the city and look around, there are things you never expected to see all over the place, and the country itself is beautiful to see.

    Alice White
    Well where can I start, we joined RSL in Istanbul and then spent four nights with them. 2 nights Eceabat and 2 nights Kusadasi. A full day Gallipoli tour, Troy and Pergamon, including the transfers around Turkey. The owners or representatives Ash and Ollie do a fantastic job, we also experienced Mimosa due to Ash's understanding that we wanted to mix with the locals and experience the local bus. Our tour guides and driver were amazing Hassan, Burak, Josip, Ahmet and sm... (Pergamon) which means immortal in Turkish - you will be in very capable hands should you tour with them. The accommodation was more than adequate for the price, the food is a little recycled. But well worth it or seek meals outside. It's a must to see Gallipoli with these guys.

    Craig Alexander
    RSL tours were fantastic in their tour organisation getting us via private car from Seluk to Peragum for a personal guided tour there onto the guided tour of Troy and then onto our accommodation. Fantastic, knowledge, informative and humorous guides but it was our Gallopili guide Hasan that told the story honestly and diplomatically with facts, references to literature to refer tour and photos that supported the commentary. It was moving to be onsite as an Australian and reallly understand the great commarderie between to nations that were at war. A must do when visiting this amazing country and its beatiful people.

    Laura Powell

    Being an Aussie, I could hardly take my family to Turkey without seeing Gallipoli, the sight of a famous WWI battle, where both of my grandfathers had fought, and the closest thing we have to sacred ground. Based on a bunch of positive Trip Advisor reviews, I got in touch with Ash at RSL Tours. I let him know that we wanted a slightly different tour, wanting to see the Gallipoli battlefields, then Ephesus and ending up at Gocek, on the Mediterranean coast.

    He was extremely helpful, suggesting we take our own van, driver and guide, and soon we had our itinerary worked out.

    After an early pickup in Istanbul we drove to Eceabat, met Ash, had lunch and were introduced to Barish, our guide for the next two days.

    As you might expect, our visit to Gallipoli was extremely moving, to be able to stand on Anzac Cove and hear the story of those battles, told from the perspective of both sides, will stay with me a long time.

    That afternoon, we drove down the beautiful western coast and the next day visited Ephesus. It was amazing to be able to stand in the footsteps of St Paul and visualize a city created so long ago. This tour gave us a great insight into the ancient world and the manner in which they lived.

    Suggestion: try to get there early, as it is pretty crowded.

    Our man Barish was a fantastic tour guide, informative, interesting and with a great sense of humor, our drivers were calm and careful. We had a ball. After only a few days 'in the van' we said goodbye as friends with genuine sadness. Great job RSL.

    I should add of the bookings for our Turkey trip (I have several other reviews) were done online, paid using Paypal, it was secure and extremely simple.