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    Military Tour

    Day 1: General Culture Tour 

    Çanakkale Naval Museum at Fort Çimenlik, Archeological Museum of Çanakkale, Dardanos Battery and Antique City of Troy

    - Breakfast at hotel

    - Crossing to Çanakkale by ferry-boat 

    Note: Lunch at restaurant.

    Day 2: General Tour of Battlefields

    Stops at tour route:

    • Eceabat (Maydos)

      - General information about the history of Eceabat and its 1915 condition.

    • Fort Kilitbahir and Namazgah Battery

      - History of Fort Kilitbahir
      - History of Namazgah Battery

    • Rumeli Mecidiye Battery

     - History of Rumeli Mecidiye Battery

    • Alç??e Observation Terrace

     - General presentation about the topography of Helles Front.
     - The analysis of Turkish defence in the area at the start of 25 April 1915 landings which caused the opening of Helles Front.
     - The operation plan of the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force (MEF) General Command.
     - Pointing at the landing spots and the tactical targets charged to the forces to land at these spots.
     - Pointing at the front line established by the positions of two sides at the Helles Front.

    • Kutsi Bey Hill ( Quadrilateral )

     - Presentation of this locaiton, the furthest point the French Forces reached on the eastern wing of Helles Front, towards Alç??e.

    • The general evaluation of the battles ( First and Second Kerevizdere Battles and the French assault on 30 June 1915) fought on the eastern wing of Helles Front.

    • Çanakkale Martyrs Memorial

     - Eski Hisarl??ill crowned by the Çanakkale Martys Memorial and the antique city of Elaeus.
     - De Tott Battery
     - The landing at Morto Bay (S Beach)
     - Çanakkale Martyrs Memorial

    •  French Memorial + Cemetery

     - Information about the French Memorial and Cemetery.

    •  Ertu?? Bay ( V Beach ) and V Beach Cemetery

     - Ertu?? Battery
     - Sergeant Yahya Memorial + Cemetery
     - V Beach Cemetery

    •  Helles Memorial

    •  Twelve Tree Copse Cemetery

    •  Beach Cemetery

     - John Simpson Kirkpatrick and his story.

    •  ANZAC Cove

    •  Ar??nu

     - Ar??nu Shore Epitaph
     - Ar??nu Cemetery

    • Lone Pine Memorial + Cemetery

    • 57th Infantry Regiment Martyrs Cemetery

    •  Conkbay??Hill ( Chunuk Bair )

     - New Zealand Memorial+ Cemetery
     - Atatürk Memorial

    • Kocaçimentepe Hill ( Hill 971 )

    -Presentation and study of the area from the 305m high Kocaçimentepe Hill, the highest point of the Gelibolu Peninsula.

    • Kemalyeri ( Scrubby Knoll )

     - The evaluation of the Ar??nu Front from Turkish point of view ( from the commanding post of the Northern Group Command )

    Note: Lunch at restaurant.

    Day 3

    Tour of studying the Dardanelles Naval Assault of 18 march 1915 and the Cape Helles Front.

    • Namazgah Battery

     - The reasons for opening the Çanakkale Front
     - The arrangements of the Turkish Defence at the Çanakkale Straits ( Dardanelles )
     - The "Carden Plan"
     - Evaluation of the possibilities two sides had in prior of 18 March 1915 Naval Battle.

    • Rumeli Mecidiye Battery

     - Storying the 18 March 1915 Naval Battle.

    • Helles Memorial

     - Explanation of The Turkish defence arrangements in the area.
     - The landings made in the morning of 25 April 1915 at Ertu?? (V), Tekke (W) and ?iz (X) beaches and storying the initial battles here.

    These explanations will be made near the 150 mm German naval gun in a field NE of Helles Memorial.

    • Tekke Bay ( W Beach )

    • Lancashire Landing Cemetery

    • Tel Bay ( Bakery Beach )

    • ?iz Bay ( X Beach )

     - The X Beach landing and the example of the initiative practiced by Captain Yusuf Kenan Efendi.

    • Z??dere Outlet ( Gully Beach )

     - The starting point of the walk on the bed of Z??dere Ravine.

    • The walk in Z??dere ( Gully Ravine )

     - The walk; will be done between Gully Beach and Geoghegan's Bluff, will end at Nuri Yamut Memorial after having seen P??içi Bay.

    The course: the bed of Z??dere is generally flat but curved. Occasionally small escarpments or fallen trees may be encountered.

    The climbing from Geoghegan's Bluff to P??içi Bay is relatively uphill. The remaining walk to Nuri Yamut Memorial is easy.

    Walking distance: App. 5,2 km
    App. duration: 2 hrs. + 45 minutes.

    • P??içi Bay

     - Reaching the upper part of P??içi Bay via the small plain on the western slope of Z??dere Ravine which was named as "Geoghegans's Bluff" by the British during the battles, and viewing P??içi Bay from there. Storying the unsuccesful landing made at this point in the morning of 25 Aptil 1915.

    • Nuri Yamut Memorial and Fusilier Bluff

    • Vineyard

    • Redoubt Cemetery

    • Tommy's Trench

    Day 4:

    Tour for studying the Ar??nu Front

    Route for  access by vehicle: Eceabat- Küçük(Small) Ar??nu

    The walking route:

    •  Haintepe ( Plugge's Plateau )

     - The arrangement of Turkish defence here.
     - The landing operation of the ANZAC Corps.
     - The initial shore clashes.

    The course: The first 300 meters is uphill, the rest is easy. Walking back takes less time.

    Walking distance: App. 1,6 kms
    App. duration: 1 hour + 15 minutes

    • North Shore ( North Beach )

    • Fisherman's Hut

     - Explanation of the Turkish Defence here by the 1st Team commanded by 1st Lieutenant ?rahim Hayrettin Efendi after the ANZAC landing on 25 April 1915, and their retreat to Chunuk Bair via Sazl??re Ravine bed.

    • Halit and R??Hill (old No.3 outpost )

     - The battle of Halit and R??Hill between 28-30 May 1915
     - The capture of Halit and R??Hill by the Auckland Regiment on 6 August 1915.

    • Pilav Tepe ( Table Top )

    - Explanation of the advance by the New Zealand Infartry Brigade ( Johnston Brigade ) towards Chunuk Bair.

    • A??( The Farm )

    • ?hin S?? ( Rhododendron Spur )

     - The walking route: Generally hilly, pretty uphill between  Table Top, the Farm Cemetery and Chunuk Bair.

    Walking distance: App. 3,2 kms
    App. duration: 2 hours+15 minutes.

    • Conk Hill - Chunuk Bair

     - The Battle of Chunuk Bair

    • Düz Tepe ( Big 700/ Battleship Hill )

     - The advance of Captain Tulloch and this detachment to Big 700 and their retreat on 25 April 1915.
     - The counter-attack of the 57th Infantry Regiment by the initiative of Lt. Col. Mustafa Kemal Bey.

    • The 180 mt. high hill ( Baby 700 )

    • Yüksek S??( Russell's Top )

     - The walking route: generally downhill and easy walking on the verge of the asphalt paved road.
    Walking distance: App. 3kms
    App. duration: 1 hour + 45 minutes

    •  Bomba S?? ( Quinn's Post )

    • Merkez Tepe ( MacLaurin Hill-Courtney and Steele's Post Cemetery)

    • K??z??rt ( Johnston's Jolly )

     - The walking route: generally downhill and easy walking on the verge of the asphalt paved road.
    Total walking distance: App. 1,2 kms
    App. duration: 30 minutes

    • Artillery Road

     - The walking route: generally downhill, easy walking on dirt road.
     - Total walking distance: App. 1,5 kms / App. duration: 30 minutes
     - Total walking distance of Day 4: 10,5 kms / App. duration of Day 4: 6 hours+ 15 minutes

    Day 5

    Tour for studying the Anafartalar Front.

    Route for access by vehicle:

    Eceabat -ANZAC Cove - Suvla point - Kireçtepe Gendarmery Memorial

    • Bomba Tepe ( Hill 60 )

     - The Battle of Bomba Tepe (Hill 60 ) or Kayac???? tought on 27-28 August 1915.

    • Mestan Tepe ( Green Hill )

    • Yusufçuk Tepe ( Scimitar Hill )

     - 1st Anafartalar Battle of 9 August 1915
     - 2nd Anafartalar Battle of 21-22 August 1915

    • Softa Tepe (Hill 10)

    • Kangaroo Beach, Little West Beach and West Beach

    • Azmak Cemetery

     - Battle of Small Anafarta Plain fought on 12 August 1915
     - Kireçtepe Ridge Battle fought on 15-16 August 1915

    • Kireçtepe Gendarmerie Memorial

     The walking route:

     - Kireçtepe Gandarmerie Memorial - Kavak Tepe

     - Studying the topography from Kavak Tepe and the general explanation of the Battles fought at the Anafartalar Front. 
     - The walking course: Dirt road uphill between Kireçtepe Gendarmerie Memorial and Kavak Tepe. Downhill and easy walk from Kavak Tepe to Small Anafarta Plain.
    Total walking distance: App. 6,2 kms.
    App. duration: 3 hours.